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Topic subjectI liked it! I get the gripes tho
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725057, I liked it! I get the gripes tho
Posted by BigReg, Wed Sep-27-17 08:23 AM
It does seem odd to see the Klingon's regress even if its supposed to be a prequel (even though they were pretty cool). The Klingon's have been painted as generic alien badguys since the movie reboots and I guess Discovery is continuing the tradition (I do wish they were a little more bad ass though to match their look)

And I thought that the insane emotional twist the main character pulled at the end of episode one while fun+gripping television, made no sense from what we knew about her. It was exacerbated by the fact all the flashbacks in the episode hinted how unlikely she was to make that kind of decision considering how tied to Vulcan society she was raised.

That said, it was better then the last movie and it's going to be interesting to see Star Trek boldly go where it hasn't gone before; premier serialized television. Since it seems like interpersonal and political dynamics are going to be a big part of the series they might go a Deep Space 9 route in the long term and I ain't mad at that at all.