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Topic subjectSimpson Fans: FRINKIAC
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707799, Simpson Fans: FRINKIAC
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Thu Feb-04-16 01:04 PM

I love this website.
Specifically so I can find moments like this:


You can search anything.
Like, specific quotes.
707802, Holy Shit. Best. Site. Ever
Posted by ErnestLee, Thu Feb-04-16 02:07 PM
707803, Woooooow. Amazing.
Posted by Ryan M, Thu Feb-04-16 02:33 PM
707805, RE: FRINKIAC
Posted by Selah, Thu Feb-04-16 03:29 PM
i'll cop: at first glance i thought that was a misspelling of "freaknic"
707808, https://www.frinkiac.com/img/S10E13/323656.jpg
Posted by hardware, Thu Feb-04-16 05:09 PM
707814, It sometimes takes some finessing to get what you're looking for
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Feb-04-16 06:35 PM
First thing I typed in was "Handsome Pete", and just got pictures of the sea captain. Then I typed in "dances for nickels" and got the Captain, Bart, and Lisa. Finally typed in "Pete customers" and got what I was looking for:


707815, Yeah. I'm looking for...
Posted by LeroyBumpkin, Thu Feb-04-16 06:44 PM
...the scene where Lisa was about to record the voice for the Malibu Stacy doll, and Krusty comes in and delivers all his lines in 5 seconds.
707817, I think I got it:
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Feb-04-16 07:40 PM
707816, Good grief.
Posted by Numba_33, Thu Feb-04-16 07:24 PM
I wonder just how long it took to devise this. From the coding and to actually screen grab all these images, and also the server size for all these photos. I'm not even that much of a Simpson's fan and I'm impressed.
707820, not long at all, surprisingly.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Thu Feb-04-16 09:06 PM

712020, Good Glayvn! Now with GIF-ability!
Posted by mrhood75, Fri May-13-16 12:00 PM