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Topic subjectRE: im not sure i agree
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707030, RE: im not sure i agree
Posted by Rjcc, Tue Jan-12-16 01:16 AM
>Yes luke was a lil prick and Rey seems to be much more
>But it seemed to me that Rey wanted to leave, for the same
>reasons Luke did: adventure and excitement (even tho a Jedi
>craves not these things)
>Fear that you might miss your familial rendezvous and having
>to help your uncle with the next water harvest arent similarly
>powerful motivators, but they are similarly not their own
>personal desires. You could tell as soon as she put on that X
>Wing helmet that she wanted out.

eh, putting on the x wing helmet didn't say that to me. even if I take it that way, wanting a little more excitement isn't really a character trait.

she had big desire #1 - someone either comes back for her or stays with her. Abandonment issues, in big capital letters.

Luke wanted out, and was agitating for it at every step. rey had to be talked into it, even after she was already away from jakku / on the millennium falcon.

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