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Topic subjectIt's kind of covered in the books, but nowhere in the movies
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706515, It's kind of covered in the books, but nowhere in the movies
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-29-15 12:54 PM
The New Republic is around - Mon Mothma is still leader.

The Empire that went to the outer edges of the Galaxy and continued on. Controlling entire planets can produce incredible resources.

So 1 year after Jedi the Empire and TNR fight a battle at Jakku.

TNR wins, they sign a declaration imposing strict limitations of the empire, which becomes the First Order, which then moves largely in the outer rim and the "unknown regions."

Mon Motha then decentralizes the military and transforms it into a strictly peacekeeping force.

Leia starts "The Resistance" to continue to fight the First Order. (this is why The First Order sees The Resistance as proof of TNR treachery and lying.)

So 30 years goes by and that's where TFA starts.

Would have been nice to ahev some in the crawl? Or a precrawl?Or some exposition?

(I still kind of like Heir To the Empire's plot a little betetr.)