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Topic subjecti can certainly appreciate your point
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706207, i can certainly appreciate your point
Posted by pdafunk, Tue Dec-22-15 03:48 PM
i just read the Dune series for the first time ever, because i was craving some of that deeper, mythological sci fi. but that's not what i was looking for with episode 8 (nor is that always what i'm looking for when i read).

>My issue is this:
>Everything you experienced can also be done with Gossip Girl.
>And tons of other shitty little stories in shitty TV shows
>and movies all over the TV universe.

if you mean there's a bunch of shallow, easily digestible stuff that is also fun to watch with my kids, sure. although gossip girl wouldn't be that.

but i'm talking specifically about something that i grew up with, enjoyed immensely, and am able to pass on to my kids in a way that isn't overbearing or trying to shove things down their throat. if episode 8 has my kids already calling back to episodes 4, 5, & 6; or leads to them reading some of the star wars books, then i'm willing to forgive some of it's fan service.

but i also think that it didn't need to go deep into star wars mythology. that mythology is already there and the fans that care are aware of it. and i would gladly take just a shallow dip into mythology vs. the explanation of midichlorians any day. i also expect that we will get more of it in episode 9, assuming that luke's search for the original jedi temple wasn't just a throwaway plot point.

>If we admit that, we've conceded my major point.
>It's not a storyline for interesting or compelling writing
>and directing.

i agree that in an ideal world, every star wars movie would be a combination of great writing, great character, great story, and great direction. but sometimes we have to settle for a bit less. in this case, i'm settling for interesting characters (most of the new ones), a fun space romp, some comedy, a little drama, and a set up for episode 9.

as to the jerry springer in space, lucas started all of that back when he decided to make leia luke's sister, after the love-triangle of episode 4. and i'm surprised that you praise mythology but bemoan some of the jerry springer aspects. i mean, oedipus alone would be enough. but you have fratricide with cain and abel or set and osiris; loki dressing thor in drag (when he is not trying to sleep with thor's wife); the tale of potiphar's wife. there is huge melodrama in mythology.