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Topic subjecttoo much recycled from RTJ
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706165, too much recycled from RTJ
Posted by justin_scott, Tue Dec-22-15 05:36 AM
it's still a good movie, but at almost every turn I thought how they just took an idea from a previous film and made it slightly different (the death star becomes the super sized death planet, they blow up the death planet almost EXACTLY the same way as the death star!!!). Carrie Fisher was a complete bore for me. her scene with Han was just horrible. and without any context, han's son didn't have any weight as I have no idea why he ended up the way he did.

Snote or snoop, or whatever, is a horrible name.

I'm going to watch it once more, but I can say that I'm definitely disappointed. it's hyped as if it's a way better movie, but it's just ok.

I will say that I really liked Fin and the idea of his first battle and him not going through with anything. I did like kylo ren taking off his helmet and the interaction with him and the girl.