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Topic subjectI liked it a lot
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705891, I liked it a lot
Posted by handle, Fri Dec-18-15 11:11 PM
First - Arclight fucked up the lens so the aspect ration wasn't quite right - but I let it go. (I did email them after, maybe they comp some passes so I can see it projected correctly.)

The from the ground view of Poe Dameron's rampage on the First Order's aircraft and ground troops was greta to see. We'd never gotten that type of view before.

I like Rey and Finn a lot.

People saying "Why is Finn such a mess and yelling and nervous?" I think it's because he panicked and had to get away - he's REACTING to his environment and not using his head much.

When the Tie Fighter was swallowed by the sands - I liked that.

Lie's theme playing as Leia hugs Rey - that was great too.

Rey's accurate vision of the future shows she might be more powerful than Luke was.

I only wish Han wouldn't have gone out like that. I know Harrison Ford must have demanded it - but the second he said his son's name I knew he was dead.

I'll definitely end up seeing at least 1 more time in the theatre.