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Topic subjectDr Ken (ABC)
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703125, Dr Ken (ABC)
Posted by handle, Sun Oct-04-15 12:39 AM
Jesus, might have been worse than Mr Robinsons.

Who told Dr that a show about a doctor with a family should be one part SeƱor Chang and one part pantomime artist?

I was hoping he'd play it much more straight.

703126, I'm glad they didn't do a double-episode like Mr. Robinson.
Posted by JFrost1117, Sun Oct-04-15 01:41 AM
That shit was rough. Fuckin awful TV.
703128, The trailer made me cringe at how awful it appeared
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Sun Oct-04-15 03:43 AM
I didn't even tune in to watch it. Based on your comments it was what I thought it was.
703130, it wasn't great, but i'll still give it a chance to get better
Posted by Calico, Sun Oct-04-15 05:14 AM
and it wasn't nearly as bad as Mr Robinson
703133, How many do they have in the can?
Posted by handle, Sun Oct-04-15 03:30 PM
Because that +1 MIGHT have a chance if they change EVERYTHING about it.

Was anything funny in it? Did you laugh out loud once?

Dave Foley was misused. And the banter is Nick-At-Day level bad.

Even Stephen Tobolowsky couldn't save it.

I hate to say it but the last multicam sitcom that's still on ABC that is tolerable is Last Man Standing - and it's pretty weak. (Love the girl who plays Mandy though http://www.mytakeontv.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/129567_1356_pre.jpg.)

Maybe single cam it?

And word is that Margaret Cho is showing up soon - not a great sign.
703146, again...i liked parts of it
Posted by Calico, Mon Oct-05-15 07:04 AM
him talking to his family specifically... I even liked some of the hospital stuff....you didn't like it...cool...I can't "prove" you should like any it....
703162, To me that was the weakest part
Posted by handle, Mon Oct-05-15 11:35 AM
>him talking to his family specifically...
He gesticulated 95% of the time, and then said some very cliched things the other 5%. There are literally dozens of other shows with the same plots revolving around families on the air now.

>I even liked some of the hospital stuff....
The part were he was a total asshole to his patients? Or the part where Dave Foley did a soliloquy about being a douchebag?

>you didn't like it...cool...I can't
>"prove" you should like any it....

You could prove that you liked it at least :)
703148, Shocked its not good
Posted by Ceej, Mon Oct-05-15 07:26 AM
703154, Tis not good, I laughed a few times
Posted by Dae021, Mon Oct-05-15 08:43 AM
Tisha Campbell was bad, but moreso her character than her acting. her comedic timing is still good.

I think her name is Tamona though, so yeaa......
703156, disappointed
Posted by jrocc, Mon Oct-05-15 10:12 AM
thought this could have been really funny. turned out more like an adult Disney Channel show.
703174, It comes on Friday for a reason
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Mon Oct-05-15 02:59 PM
Thats a death blow to shows like this, especially on ABC. It was garbage I hate the son (who was great on Trophy Wife) has to be on this show. We all realize the Ken is good as a side character and now leading a show right?
703205, ...well, unless you're "Last Man Standing"
Posted by Calico, Tue Oct-06-15 12:55 PM
...which has been literally living up to it's name for about 5 years now....every other show on that night has come and gone...well, them and Shark Tank
703216, *sigh*
Posted by lfresh, Tue Oct-06-15 02:28 PM
yeah a miss
but i only saw one episode

i so want dude to win
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703232, Why do you want him to win?
Posted by John Forte, Tue Oct-06-15 07:00 PM
I don't know if there's an Asian version of cooning, but dude has basically made a career out of it. I'd like to see him return to medicine.
703556, I can't decide which is worse: Dr Ken or Undateable
Posted by handle, Fri Oct-16-15 12:50 PM
What say you?
703588, Undateable Live is actually not bad
Posted by jrocc, Sat Oct-17-15 11:43 PM
i think it helps that they're quite self aware and take a different approach to the live show concept.