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Topic subjectSeems like James Bond femme fatale training
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704221, Seems like James Bond femme fatale training
Posted by SoulHonky, Tue Nov-03-15 03:21 PM
None of these people seem qualified to be an FBI agent. They all seem better suited to be baddies who James Bond or any hero successfully woos in order to gain key information or access.

All in all, the show is starting to lose me.

The "Oh no, it's THIS person" show out is getting tired. It's really just a "Next Time On" so we know whose story we'll be hearing about next week.

They did a terrible job setting up any romantic angles. Not buying the whole Not Gay Dude and Twin love story at all.

I could care less about the Did He or Didn't He Go To Shoot the School angle. At this point, I wouldn't be stunned if it turned out the dad wasn't really dead. Something to explain why I care about this storyline. Maybe the old white dude frames him to fuck with the mom or something. I don't know. Don't care either.