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Topic subjectQuantico (ABC) Premieres 9/27/15 at 10 pm
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702971, Quantico (ABC) Premieres 9/27/15 at 10 pm
Posted by SankofaII, Sun Sep-27-15 07:49 AM
so is this the show we're gonna hate watch because it's so bad it's good? Or just plain bad...

I mean, ABC is hyping the fuck out of the fact that the show has Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra as the lead...

Reviews basically were VERY lukewarm on the show. But shit, Aunjanue Ellis (The Book of Negroes, Girls Town, etc.) in there getting them STEADY network checks as the head of Quantico Miranda Shaw...

I'm here for the show STRICTLY for Aunjanue...I dug the pilot (written script) and felt like there's a decent amount of potential for this to be good...

but, who knows?
702979, I wondered why they were pumping this so hard.
Posted by JFrost1117, Sun Sep-27-15 10:47 PM
>Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra as the lead...

It was aight. I laughed when they showed the board of all of their profile photos, and hers was the sexiest, brightest, etc.
703000, I thought the pilot wasn't bad, I liked the premise for this.
Posted by DJ007, Mon Sep-28-15 06:58 PM
I love seeing Aunjanue aka Sister-Girl(c)U.B. in this! My only suggestion is for them to recast the male lead that got busy with Prinka's character. That guy can't act for shit, remember "Believe" on NBC...lol
"You can win with certainty with the spirit of "one cut". "Musashi Miyamoto
703025, Things were looking good until dude snapped and killed himself.
Posted by RaFromQueens, Tue Sep-29-15 09:23 PM
All of the hysteria that followed was standard network TV drama bs. Not checking for it again unless I hear good things.
703558, Worst Vetting Process EVER
Posted by SoulHonky, Fri Oct-16-15 12:55 PM
I mean, the FBI has an entire class of crazies and ulterior motives. Who is vetting these people?

The show is twisty enough to keep me tuning in and it's good lite-watching for after work/during dinner.

The main actress's voice bothers me though. She's fighting for her life and talks to everyone in a breathy, sultry, Jessica Rabbit tone. She's probably struggling to hide her accent but the more I watch, the more bothered I am by it.

Not a show that I look forward to watching but one I'll probably keep in the rotation.
703570, I was like, who gets out of a pool like that?!
Posted by JFrost1117, Fri Oct-16-15 10:30 PM
You in a building full of superiors, co-workers, and classmates, and you poke your ass out getting out of the pool? She's sexy as fuck, but in a way that kills imagining that she could be a fledgling FBI agent.
703586, It's so many traitors in this class.
Posted by Kira, Sat Oct-17-15 11:37 PM
You've got fake gay traitor.

You've got pseudo terrorist pippy longstocking.

There's fake Captain America two timing traitor.

There's fake burnout analyst traitor.

I have a hard time believing this show thanks to NSA surveillance. No way in shit do this many traitors get by without the black ops treatment.
703587, Screw the hate because this show is awesome.
Posted by Kira, Sat Oct-17-15 11:41 PM
Can we talk about that mormon slander on the first episode? Yeah people are still tight about that segment. THEY TIGHT AS SHIT while I'm over here sipping this herbal soul warming tea slow so it warms my soul. That was gut wrenching. I'm shocked they showed a suicide live on television.

Anywhoo, this show is great and we need to discuss this. If all else fails this needs to go to Netflix as an exclusive because it is what we need. Bout time we got an alternate take on terrorism on television.

703601, I'm enjoying it.
Posted by High Society, Sun Oct-18-15 09:25 PM
But I just watched the 2nd episode of new season of Homeland and ready to call it BACK -- knowing how to make GREAT television again like they did on S1.

sooooo, maybe I just like terrorism, espionage, and who is the traitor shows.

Plus ol girl is really dope.

awww man, all these guys in the same house? everyone here except the people that taught them? lol. kinda corny.
but it's ABC, gotta let some stuff slide.
Like how is Soldier traitor who was JUST WITH THE WHOLE STAFF the only one in the house?
703602, Why are they all so good looking?
Posted by Walleye, Sun Oct-18-15 09:54 PM
I kind of laughed about it after watching the first episode, the commitment to no artistic principle quite so much as casting super attractive people of all sorts. Then the two dumbasses who talk about TV while I'm picking something to watch on on-demand actually mentioned it, which makes me think it's actually an approved talking point on why to watch this show.

I should add that:

a) I have absolutely no problem with this
b) this show is fun as hell
703974, RE: Why are they all so good looking?
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Tue Oct-27-15 01:18 AM
>I kind of laughed about it after watching the first episode,
>the commitment to no artistic principle quite so much as
>casting super attractive people of all sorts.

>I should add that:
>a) I have absolutely no problem with this
>b) this show is fun as hell

703968, Episode 5 "Found"
Posted by Kira, Mon Oct-26-15 09:32 PM

Three people have sex in this episode.

Is there a such thing as reverse coming out?

Basically, Parrish gets her story out and we find out more about these candidates. Yes, I'm speaking ambiguously so people can have a chance to watch the episode.

Please discuss

703971, the lead fine as fuck.
Posted by ShinobiShaw, Mon Oct-26-15 11:52 PM
703976, so is the woman playing the twins
Posted by Ray_Snill, Tue Oct-27-15 07:41 AM
her face is something special
703984, I like it so far
Posted by Allah, Tue Oct-27-15 10:03 AM
703985, Its grown on me. I hate that they did the work backward thing like
Posted by blkprinceMD05, Tue Oct-27-15 10:09 AM
How to get away, it's just too much copy cat. They could rolled the characters out and it get to the attack and still be a mystery as to who did it

But the last two eps have been pretty good. The less still bothers me, her raspy voice mainly. I like the others

I wasn't at all satisfied with dudes explanation for playing gay but whatevs. I like him otherwise
704014, TALK ABOUT IT!!
Posted by Kira, Tue Oct-27-15 06:05 PM
>I wasn't at all satisfied with dudes explanation for playing
>gay but whatevs. I like him otherwise

You know 'Merica done fucked up when a man has to play gay to go undercover to stop terrorism. Who we blaming for this?
704042, I didn't really buy that dude's explanation as 100% honest.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Oct-28-15 11:39 AM
LOL @ homeboy sneaking in and fucking his date tho.

>I wasn't at all satisfied with dudes explanation for playing
>gay but whatevs. I like him otherwise
704026, Fun but not sure how they keep it up for more than one season
Posted by SoulHonky, Wed Oct-28-15 09:09 AM
It's going to get old quick, I think.

The love/sex stories are the weakest part of the show. The blonde girl just jumping into bed with the analyst. The weak Out of Sight ripoff. Twin liking the weird nerdy dude is just off to me.

The bully girl disappeared this episode. Weird to give us more insight into her character and then have her drop off the map.

I didn't buy Asher's whole story.

704221, Seems like James Bond femme fatale training
Posted by SoulHonky, Tue Nov-03-15 03:21 PM
None of these people seem qualified to be an FBI agent. They all seem better suited to be baddies who James Bond or any hero successfully woos in order to gain key information or access.

All in all, the show is starting to lose me.

The "Oh no, it's THIS person" show out is getting tired. It's really just a "Next Time On" so we know whose story we'll be hearing about next week.

They did a terrible job setting up any romantic angles. Not buying the whole Not Gay Dude and Twin love story at all.

I could care less about the Did He or Didn't He Go To Shoot the School angle. At this point, I wouldn't be stunned if it turned out the dad wasn't really dead. Something to explain why I care about this storyline. Maybe the old white dude frames him to fuck with the mom or something. I don't know. Don't care either.

704242, I know they have to point the finger at all the trainees.
Posted by JFrost1117, Tue Nov-03-15 11:16 PM
But the Muslim twins seems like low-hanging fruit. Hopefully, that gets debunked.
704435, this latest episode was pretty cool
Posted by Ray_Snill, Mon Nov-09-15 01:29 AM
I'm staring to get into the show now but I hate the DIrector kid/analyst dude. geuss I just hate spoiled punk ass dudes

705186, Episode 9...
Posted by Kira, Tue Dec-01-15 03:15 PM
Quick reaction:

Elias is back which was a good thing.

Why couldn't they let Ryan get away?

Alex is clearly setup to infiltrate this terror cell.

Wish they talked more about Caleb's role in infiltrating the cult.

I think Miranda's son is a red herring and it was probably a recruit.


At this point, who do you think is the killer? Simon is involved:

Simon's glasses were found next door to Alex.
Dude was shown working on the bomb in episode 8.
Now Simon is shown to have the plans for subway station in episode 9.

705408, Who's the culprit after this latest episode?
Posted by Kira, Mon Dec-07-15 01:53 AM
Simon is ruled out so who did it?

Let's talk about this latest episode.
705419, I'm thinking the twin with the wrap
Posted by Ray_Snill, Mon Dec-07-15 01:26 PM
it wasn't a good look to be visiting old dude in the hospital. she seems a bit weak minded anyway.

709463, Quantico - S01E13 "Clear" *SPOILERS*
Posted by Kira, Sun Mar-13-16 11:52 PM
*runs into thread and tears up on Longo's shoulders*


*sobs for a few minutes*

The writers have to let this emotionally spent female schtick go. I'm bout damn tired of this shit. It's 2016 and she should get over her emotions and get to tracking this terrorist. She should've came clean to Hannah earlier.

What's Alex's next step? They can't let her be hunted again because that's already happened before.

No, I haven't spoiled the whole episode so go watch it.