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Topic subjectSolid MI film; felt more down to earth
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701423, Solid MI film; felt more down to earth
Posted by Kahlema, Tue Aug-04-15 03:34 PM
less flashy like Ghost Protocol was. Better story than the previous too. Tom Cruise still got it. Simon Peg is one of my favorite supporting characters in the franchise so it was cool to see him be a major part of the plot. Rebecca Ferguson was better than I expected. I just assumed she'd be pretty and OK in fight/action scenes, but you could tell she trained hard for the role and she came across as both strong and vulnerable at the same time.

I did not see this in IMAX and I don't think its necessary. Only thing I recommend is if you watch it in standard, go to a theater where they're showing it in one of their larger theaters, so you still get a decent "large" picture.