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Topic subjectSO FUCKING GOOD. Cruise/McQuarrie/Elswit/Ferguson are BEASTS.
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701186, SO FUCKING GOOD. Cruise/McQuarrie/Elswit/Ferguson are BEASTS.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Jul-31-15 01:15 AM
I can elaborate more tomorrow, but this officially makes Mission: Impossible the best movie series of all time (series = more than 3), because 1, 4, and 5 shit on 95% of trilogies, let alone series of films. 3 is at absolute worst a really good action movie, and 2, for its sluggish first half, has absolutely bonkers John Woo choreography for the second half that more than redeems whatever complaints people may make. No other series has M:I's consistency, or its highs, or its caliber of star performance.

As for 5? Dialogue is killer. Stunts are killer. McQuarrie frames Cruise at all times like the star he is. Rebecca Ferguson: WHERE HAS THIS WOMAN BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Sean Harris is a worthy adversary. Cinematography is killer. Jokes all hit. Choreography is killer.

This is summer moviemaking at its finest. If not for Mad Max, this would easily be the best movie I've seen so far this year. Those two are in a class of their own.