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Topic subjectMission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (McQuarrie, 2015)
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694788, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (McQuarrie, 2015)
Posted by bwood, Sun Mar-22-15 11:43 AM


Son they flipped The Fugees!!!

McQuarrie stated he wanted this to be like the first. He said he wanted it to be as if Brian De Palma did Ghost Protocol. I'm ecstatic cause the first is my favorite and has so many iconic moments.


694789, in
Posted by rdhull, Sun Mar-22-15 11:46 AM
694790, Nope, not watching this trailer.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Mar-22-15 11:58 AM
Already know I'm in. I'm giving this the Avengers 2 treatment. Going to go in completely blind.

And Jack Reacher still kicked ass.
694830, Good luck avoiding it on TV
Posted by Numba_33, Mon Mar-23-15 10:59 AM
Especially if you watch the NCAA Tournaments, where I'm sure the trailer will be played non-stop.
694792, CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by CaptNish, Sun Mar-22-15 12:36 PM
He's fucking amazing. I know he gets (deserved) flack for the Scientology stuff, but that man is such a goddamn star.

EDIT: And I need that "Ready or Not" flip. That shit goes hard.
694794, of course ...in !
Posted by DJ007, Sun Mar-22-15 02:20 PM

"You can win with certainty with the spirit of "one cut". "Musashi Miyamoto
694800, Yeah, I'm in
Posted by spenzalii, Sun Mar-22-15 08:02 PM
All have had issues, but all have been hugely entertaining (the big problem with the first one was the commercials and previews gave the entire thing away before the movie. If they hadn't shown the helicopter scene I may not have been as mad). If any of this is shot in IMAX I'm there opening day.

That BMW in the alley though....
694812, McQuarrie seemed like a weird choice but Im there regardless
Posted by mrshow, Sun Mar-22-15 11:17 PM
694817, Didn't even know this was in development.
Posted by JFrost1117, Mon Mar-23-15 01:35 AM
Can't not see it, though.
Posted by Nodima, Mon Mar-23-15 10:47 AM

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Posted by rdhull, Mon Mar-23-15 10:50 AM
>"This is the streets, and I am the trap." � Jay Bilas
>Hip Hop Handbook: http://tinyurl.com/ll4kzz
694831, He was filming those stunts himself too...
Posted by phenompyrus, Mon Mar-23-15 11:01 AM
That simple fact makes him one of the GOAT.
694835, This is what I said in the GD Post
Posted by nipsey, Mon Mar-23-15 11:17 AM
Man....I don't care what else happens in this movie. You should pay $15 on the sheer strength of his dedication. Dude goes all out.

*SPOILERS Maybe* I didn't actually read the article, just looked at the pictures.

694856, listen..that mountain climb intro from II had me claimin'
Posted by rdhull, Mon Mar-23-15 02:40 PM
>That simple fact makes him one of the GOAT.
694868, The mountain climbing there, AND the building scaling in GP...
Posted by phenompyrus, Mon Mar-23-15 05:33 PM
I mean, say what you want about his Scientology beliefs and what not, but the fact that he does the stunts himself make the movie that much more genuine. There are not that many action stars that do the stunts themselves...

Statham comes to mind, he does his own (or most of his own).

I believe Stallone was doing his own stunts when he made the first Expendables, dude was 65.

Harrison Ford has always tried to do his own stunts, and he's fucking 70.

I think Paul Walker did most of his own stuntwork too, read that somewhere in regards to the Fast and Furious movies.
694873, oh def.I meant my admiration BEGAN at II
Posted by rdhull, Mon Mar-23-15 08:21 PM
regarding his stunts etc

I also gave props of him n those Top Gun jets

>I mean, say what you want about his Scientology beliefs and
>what not, but the fact that he does the stunts himself make
>the movie that much more genuine. There are not that many
>action stars that do the stunts themselves...
>Statham comes to mind, he does his own (or most of his own).
>I believe Stallone was doing his own stunts when he made the
>first Expendables, dude was 65.
>Harrison Ford has always tried to do his own stunts, and he's
>fucking 70.
>I think Paul Walker did most of his own stuntwork too, read
>that somewhere in regards to the Fast and Furious movies.
694882, Really with 2? He almost drowned doing that fish tank stunt in 1.
Posted by bwood, Tue Mar-24-15 07:14 AM
Where he jumped through that exploding lobster tank and the upper part came down as he made it through. That was 16 tons of water...
694885, Even better.
Posted by phenompyrus, Tue Mar-24-15 08:25 AM
694975, than hanging outside a plane..okay hoss
Posted by rdhull, Wed Mar-25-15 01:08 PM
694840, CROOZE looking BUFF in this joint
Posted by Deebot, Mon Mar-23-15 11:59 AM
694854, Heard they have to reshoot the ending cause it didn't test well
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Mon Mar-23-15 02:07 PM
so they are scrabbling to come up with something. Other than that....

694865, Tom And Chris have said time and again that they weren't happy
Posted by bwood, Mon Mar-23-15 05:17 PM
with the original ending.

If it was a real problem, I doubt Paramount would've moved this up by 5 months.
694889, word, even with an ending that isn't solid it's still going to sell
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Tue Mar-24-15 09:48 AM
I'm going regardless.

694864, Full trailer with tons of Ving Rhames
Posted by bwood, Mon Mar-23-15 05:13 PM

And more of that dope Fugees remix
694872, RE:one of the few summer flicks i am looking forward to seeing
Posted by maternalbliss, Mon Mar-23-15 07:45 PM
Imo, the summer 2015 movie season will be just as bad as last year. Ok SoulHonky that means keep your bids low,lol. You ain't got to worry about me, i ain't playing this time around.
698945, Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation Trailer 2
Posted by j0510, Fri Jun-05-15 08:18 AM
699736, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Final TRAILER
Posted by j0510, Mon Jun-22-15 10:51 PM
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation Final TRAILER

699851, Any advance word on this one yet?
Posted by mrshow, Sat Jun-27-15 05:09 AM
Jack Reacher didn't scream MI5 to me but I have faith in Crooz/Xenu.
699854, It's supposedly better than Ghost Protocol. So fingers crossed.
Posted by bwood, Sat Jun-27-15 06:58 AM
The producers said they didn't shoot in IMAX this time due to them going against Star Wars before the release date move.

Had they know they were coming out out in the summer, they said they would've added in the IMAX budget.
699932, No Paula Patton? :(
Posted by JAESCOTT777, Mon Jun-29-15 07:56 PM
700894, Highly entertaining.
Posted by bwood, Thu Jul-23-15 08:19 PM
It's not the best in the franchise, but it's solid. The first is still the GOAT.

Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames take a backseat to Cruise & Pegg. Needed more Rhames.

Advance word is right. This is a mashup of one and four, both of which are referenced in this movie.

The IMAX countdown they did for this was awesome. Also, this has my favorite villain in the film series thus far.

700897, RE: What happened to Mag Q character?
Posted by xangeluvr, Thu Jul-23-15 11:33 PM
700902, Maggie Q & Paula Patton were supposed to be back but...
Posted by bwood, Fri Jul-24-15 07:52 AM
scheduling conflicts like always for this series.
701030, Also wanted to add that even though I love Simon Pegg
Posted by bwood, Mon Jul-27-15 02:13 PM
Benji Dunn as a character is annoying as a main character. I wish they'd stop making him the co-star of these films.
701470, definitely.
Posted by will_5198, Thu Aug-06-15 01:57 AM
he'd be great in short bursts as part of an ensemble. but here he had three too many lines in every other scene.

Ving Rhames is still charismatic as fuck. he can make the most mundane lines badass.
701186, SO FUCKING GOOD. Cruise/McQuarrie/Elswit/Ferguson are BEASTS.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Jul-31-15 01:15 AM
I can elaborate more tomorrow, but this officially makes Mission: Impossible the best movie series of all time (series = more than 3), because 1, 4, and 5 shit on 95% of trilogies, let alone series of films. 3 is at absolute worst a really good action movie, and 2, for its sluggish first half, has absolutely bonkers John Woo choreography for the second half that more than redeems whatever complaints people may make. No other series has M:I's consistency, or its highs, or its caliber of star performance.

As for 5? Dialogue is killer. Stunts are killer. McQuarrie frames Cruise at all times like the star he is. Rebecca Ferguson: WHERE HAS THIS WOMAN BEEN ALL MY LIFE?! Sean Harris is a worthy adversary. Cinematography is killer. Jokes all hit. Choreography is killer.

This is summer moviemaking at its finest. If not for Mad Max, this would easily be the best movie I've seen so far this year. Those two are in a class of their own.
701221, Mad Max ain't have a movie star though.
Posted by Basaglia, Fri Jul-31-15 03:23 PM
701251, This is almost a near perfect mix of parts 1 and 4
Posted by rorschach, Fri Jul-31-15 11:27 PM
The tension of the first film is finally back in this one. The Sequence in the opera house and the dive scene were done extremely well.

And Rebecca ferguson was just awesome. I hope she's not one-and-done like all of the other females in these movies.
701235, Go see this shit.
Posted by ZooTown74, Fri Jul-31-15 05:37 PM
I didn't see it in IMAX, since it was reported that nothing was shot in it, so fuck the waste of bread

I actually didn't mind Simon Pegg being the "co-star" or more like the 3rd in line behind CROOZE and Rebecca Ferguson

Great action setpieces

Didn't have the usual Chris McQuarrie smarm and nothing happened that was OH SHIT surprising but it was well-crafted and shot overall

I just wish big Ving had more to do, but I'm also glad he's still around for these

Still, it's a good time at the movies. CROOZE gonna always make sure you get your money's worth, b.

It takes two.
701238, Yeah, Rebecca Ferguson is a STELLAR co-lead. Blew me away.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Jul-31-15 06:05 PM
She's like if Lauren Bacall knew knife-fu. Me likey.
701288, Give the reins to McQuarrie if they're gonna keep makin these
Posted by jigga, Sun Aug-02-15 10:21 AM
Him & Cruise are 3 for 3 & all the supporting cast played their parts well too

Gotta Quantum of Solace vibe from that opera scene at first...was glad to see it ramp up a few notches (npi)

Gotta Hang On video game vibe from that motorcycle chase

Handcuff escape on that pole was nuts

Underwater sound effects were top notch even w/o the IMAX treatment

Easily my favorite MI flick since the 1st one
701295, breh said ethan is the living manifestation of destiny lmao
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Sun Aug-02-15 06:53 PM
love this flick
701308, Entertaining for sure, but not the best movie in the bunch
Posted by Beamer6178, Mon Aug-03-15 12:44 AM
Ending was kind of weak.

Number one is still the best.

701311, ^^^^^^^^
Posted by bwood, Mon Aug-03-15 07:09 AM
701323, Cosign
Posted by KnowOne, Mon Aug-03-15 09:41 AM
701357, ehhh...(spoilers i guess)
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Mon Aug-03-15 01:53 PM
the ending was kind of abrupt but when they got ol boy in the box everybody cheered in my showing lol. myself included.

i still think MI3 the best. PSH was going too hard.
701325, Saw it and really really liked it.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Mon Aug-03-15 09:51 AM
I agree that they returned tension back to this series. The street chase and the motocycle chase had me on the edge of my seat.

Shot well, mostly paced well, liked that they gave the other characters some shine (though it would have been nice to see Renner and Rhames have more action)

I'll be buying on Blu Ray when it drops.


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701387, Can I see this before seeing Ghost Protocol?
Posted by Deebot, Mon Aug-03-15 06:16 PM
701392, yes!
Posted by Scrapluv, Mon Aug-03-15 07:58 PM
701404, you know, the opera fight might be my favorite M:I set piece.
Posted by Nodima, Tue Aug-04-15 09:00 AM
something about the way it coordinated with the music, from start to finish (not just the fight but the whole thing) really resonated with me. that scene and the final negotiation alone almost make me want to see it in theaters again.

I was actually a little surprised how brief the plane stunt was, I was expecting a pretty drawn out scene but it was over in a flash basically.

I appreciate that they essentially doubled down on the Ghost Protocol formula of big bigger biggest, though I'm a little tired of the impossible car wrecks (at least Cruise didn't speed off on a motorcycle after the sand storm crash in GP).

The first is probably still the best, but the way M:I 5 combines the constant plot fuckery of the original, the actually intriguing villain of M:I 3 and the set-piece oriented nature of GP, Rogue Nation might have usurped it as the quintessential M:I film.

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701413, Why yes Spaniard, I was entertained...
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Aug-04-15 11:00 AM
Definitely a mix of 1 and 4. Ending was kinda flat, but the movie as a whole rocked. Loved the car/bike chase scenes. Could use more Ving, and Jeremy was relegated back to a desk. Even with some issues, definitely recommend it

The only think I kinda worry about is the whole 'syndicate' angle, and how Spectre did it already and will do it (likely bigger and darker) in a few months. While you can't directly compare the Bond and MI series, it's a similar sandbox they're playing in. Just a different grade of sand, perhaps?
701419, The 52-year-old Tom Cruise Run >>>>>>>>>>
Posted by Flash80, Tue Aug-04-15 12:22 PM
i really liked it. might see it again.

rebecca ferguson's faust. i mean, damn. cunning.

pegg's quips/jokes felt a bit a forced at times, but benji as full-blown NOC was pretty good nonetheless.

yo, ving rhames done blowed up.


i thought it was well done not having hunt in the last scene. they simply closed (basically tongue-in-cheek) the bureaucratic loop between the CIA and IMF. makes me wonder if they re-elevate "chief analyst" brandt for mi:6 (thought he'd get more action rub in this film).

updating ranking order for me:

701423, Solid MI film; felt more down to earth
Posted by Kahlema, Tue Aug-04-15 03:34 PM
less flashy like Ghost Protocol was. Better story than the previous too. Tom Cruise still got it. Simon Peg is one of my favorite supporting characters in the franchise so it was cool to see him be a major part of the plot. Rebecca Ferguson was better than I expected. I just assumed she'd be pretty and OK in fight/action scenes, but you could tell she trained hard for the role and she came across as both strong and vulnerable at the same time.

I did not see this in IMAX and I don't think its necessary. Only thing I recommend is if you watch it in standard, go to a theater where they're showing it in one of their larger theaters, so you still get a decent "large" picture.
701475, RE: not filmed in IMAX anyway
Posted by xangeluvr, Thu Aug-06-15 06:38 AM
its a re-master to IMAX format so just saw it on a big, but regular screen and skipped spending the extra money.

>I did not see this in IMAX and I don't think its necessary.
>Only thing I recommend is if you watch it in standard, go to a
>theater where they're showing it in one of their larger
>theaters, so you still get a decent "large" picture.
701441, Enjoyed it, ending pretty silly and 15-20 mins too long though
Posted by Deebot, Wed Aug-05-15 08:47 AM
All the stunts/action scenes were solid. The bike chase was nice although I prefer the MI:2 bike sequence. I dug the opera scene and knife fight a lot.
701443, I watched this whole movie and still have no clue what was going on
Posted by Sleepy, Wed Aug-05-15 09:57 AM
It just seemed way too complicated for it's own good. I thought it was fun and whatnot, but I really felt it was trying to be too complex.

It really felt like a much longer film to me. The theatre wasn't very full when I caught it, and the other guy in the row fell asleep halfway though. Snoring and everything.
701469, I cracked up seeing Tom Hollander as the Prime Minister
Posted by will_5198, Thu Aug-06-15 01:53 AM
Simon Foster has come a long way!

M:I has gotten to the point where there's not much tension -- we all know Cruise and Co. will survive anything -- so they *really* have to make up for it with brilliant sequences. the ones here were good.

overall another entertaining chapter, albeit a little sleepy in parts due to boring plot devices. main villain was more of a bland totem, Ms. Triple-Agent was clearly going to end up the good side, and the IMF dismantlement was ho-hum. I was happy I saw it though, and it carried on the franchise's tradition.
701472, Props for the In The Loop reference
Posted by Sofian_Hadi, Thu Aug-06-15 03:41 AM
701483, I love that they make Cruise's obvious infallibility a plot point.
Posted by Frank Longo, Thu Aug-06-15 11:34 AM
We know he's not going to die in the finale, so they make it so he literally cannot be killed by the bad guys. Instead, he starts throwing himself in front of his friends in the gunfight to protect them.

I thought that was a clever solution to the action movie hero problem you mentioned.
701536, good... a bit long.. I was like "do I really need another chase scene"
Posted by PG, Fri Aug-07-15 05:34 PM
by the end of it... still funtimes for me and my 13 year old twin boys
701684, pretty much a perfect action movie
Posted by ternary_star, Mon Aug-10-15 09:54 PM
every other action director take note. We don't need a 30 minute setup of characters or plot. They're superhero spies. The bad guys stole something and they're trying to get it back. Now throw Crooze on the side of a plane and let's get this shit started.

really fucking good set pieces. great cast all around. Baldwin acted the FUCK out of "The Line". Awesome pacing. ball-shaking sound design. one of the best choreographed and photographed chase scenes in a long time.

so fucking good. made me go back and watch the other MI movies. this might be my favorite movie series. 2 was even worse than I remember but all the others are fantastic and I love how they each have such a unique auteur-driven sensibility.
701703, NOT BAD
Posted by princeguy, Tue Aug-11-15 12:20 PM
It wasn't bad, it wasn't great either. It was pretty decent. It was worth a watch.

Nothing special. No interesting new characters. The action was pretty good. Nothing innovative, but solid.

There were plenty of cliches, and standard fight scenes. The photography was good. Lot of Europe in the movie.

I'd give it a 3.7 out of 5

701793, A whole lot of fun, exactly what I expected...and I got it
Posted by LA2Philly, Fri Aug-14-15 11:23 AM
We all know Crooze is gonna live so there's not much tension there so the set pieces become the name of the game...and MI5 definitely delivered.

There were some details in the movie that I really enjoyed as well...for example during the bike chase scene, I was wondering how Crooze would be able to turn as well as the others considering he didn't have a knee shield so he can't lean as much; lo and behold, there's a quick shot of Crooze leaning and he actually nicks his knee on the pavement, and reacts in pain.
701903, I'll be that guy: this didn't do much for me.
Posted by mrhood75, Mon Aug-17-15 12:28 PM
I wasn't even expecting that much, but given the type of reviews this film was get here and other places, I was expected a pretty good. fairly smart, summer action flick. At worst, I was a sorta dumb, yet fun summer action flick. Well, it was barely the latter.

I don't know, I guess the writing was the problem here, as story-wise this was barely compelling enough to keep me sort of interested in what was going on between the action set-pieces. And if the plot is too dumb to make me care, then at least the action set-pieces consistently have to be some absolute John Blaze shit that I've never seen before. The only ones that came close was the opening scene, and maybe the underwater sequence. Everything else wasn't that special.

I think the main problem here is that Ethan Hunt isn't that interesting of a character. And that's not a knock on Cruise, because I know he's capable of playing were compelling action leads, but Hunt is as dull as off-white paint. I didn't care about Ferguson's character or even believe for a second that this was supposed to be someone that Hunt could possibly "walk away from it all" with. Simon Pegg was the film's highlight. Outside of the committee scene's, Renner was given nothing to do. Same with Rhames, who's looking kinda old and portly these days.

So yeah, IMHO, this film isn't earning M:I passage into the upper echelon of action film franchises. This film may not even be better than M:I 3.
701928, RE: Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (McQuarrie, 2015)
Posted by maternalbliss, Mon Aug-17-15 10:36 PM
Mission Impossible 1
The debut had a great ambiance and does feel like a spy movie. The plot just seemed kinda weird. The Job thing was kinda silly and when dead folks pop up alive you know they in on it.
Grade B-

Mission Impossible 2
This one would get the bad movie but you like it anyway award.
Grade C+

Mission Impossible 3
Really dull movie imo.
Grade C

Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation
I would not call them classics but they are both solid entertaining flicks.
Both get a B.

703473, I really enjoyed this movie. It wasn't so much the action but the matching
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Wed Oct-14-15 01:30 PM
of wits.

Really dug the underwater sequence as well.

I saw the first one and didn't like it so I kind of been cool to this series. I think I will go back and check out more.

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703541, My personal order of favorite MI: 1, 4, 5, 3, 2
Posted by phenompyrus, Fri Oct-16-15 10:16 AM
I feel bad for 3 being 4th, as it is a very good flick too, probably has the best villain of the bunch, but it is what it is.