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Topic subjectI like Matt Zoller Seitz (rogerebert.com)
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694740, I like Matt Zoller Seitz (rogerebert.com)
Posted by will_5198, Fri Mar-20-15 05:02 PM
and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (AV Club) currently. the former has an Ebert-esque critical eye with a populist attitude, while the latter is an espresso sipping (real coffee drinkers don't drink lattes) snob to the highest order, but entertaining and incredibly knowledgeable.

I don't really seek out reviews anymore since Ebert passed (Friday ritual was reading all his reviews of new releases, even ones I know I'd never see). I know which movies I want to see in theaters at this point...although I do check PTP reviews more than anything else. bwood has the most concise, spoiler-free first looks ever, and our leader Longo sees everything (while I disagree with both a lot, I know where they're coming from and it helps).