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Topic subjectI think of English class.
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694723, I think of English class.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Mar-20-15 02:45 PM
A really good teacher can perfectly articulate why you loved a book, can encourage you to dig deeper, can talk about the influences of that author and point you toward other literature you may enjoy, etc.

I feel the same about movie critics. The good ones encourage you to really *think* about film-- even the action flicks, the superhero adventures, the slasher pics, etc. The more I read, the more articulate I become regarding my own opinions in the future.

And I don't really do criticism much anymore, but they definitely encouraged me to step up my critical game-- to not simply say "the performances were good, the action scenes were good, the cinematography was good" etc. Plenty of movies have good elements; most all of them do. It forced me to dig deeper into my feelings about film and my feelings about life in general.