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Topic subjectI don't follow outlets-- I follow particular critics.
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694721, I don't follow outlets-- I follow particular critics.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Mar-20-15 02:16 PM
Bilge Ebiri, Odie Henderson, Matt Zoller Seitz. I don't always agree with them, but they're good writers and generally fair-minded.

Glenn Kenny, Mike D'Angelo, and David Ehrlich are exceptional writers-- less fair-minded (I occasionally vehemently disagree, especially with Ehrlich, who hates most popular stuff, but who usually gives good reasons for his hatred), but good reads.

Other guys I like: Vadim Rizov, James Rocchi, A.A. Dowd, Stephanie Zacharek, Guy Lodge, and my buddy Sam Fragoso. Nathan Rabin and Eric D. Snider are often quite funny and insightful in their reviews.

When it comes to action movies, I usually trust Matt Lynch more than anyone. He loves gleefully batshit action, but he's pretty discerning when it comes to the fine line between style and slop.

There's never anyone I always agree with-- but really, at this point, I rarely use critical response to determine whether I'll see a film. Though if one of these guys writes a full-blown rave, I'll bump a certain film up my priority list.