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Topic subjectRE: Which media outlets do you turn to for movie/tv reviews?
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694715, RE: Which media outlets do you turn to for movie/tv reviews?
Posted by howisya, Fri Mar-20-15 01:38 PM
i listen to a local news radio station every day at various points throughout the day, and so i often end up hearing reviews, usually from the washington post but sometimes from the local station staff or tv guide.

i get the sunday paper (wapo) so i at least see the headlines about a new movie or show, and likewise at work i keep google news open all day so i see the entertainment headlines.

once in a while i check metacritic (not rotten tomatoes) for a consensus impression of critical favor. i'm much more inclined to check IMDB for the current user rating (if there is one) and to skim the top rated user review and at least the top post titles on the board if not clicking and reading them. i used to enjoy reading user reviews on netflix, but now it's just people saying please bring this to streaming or saying they turned it off after 5 minutes because it wasn't family friendly, etc.

once in a great while i'll be surfing the web and wind up on a cool blog that covers old movies.

as far as reading an actual review of a new movie, i cannot think of the last time i did that. for a show, i googled for http://www.avclub.com/review/foxs-backstrom-boorish-detective-youll-hate-hate-213946 and decided after reading it not to watch. new tv probably lends itself more to finding a review because otherwise i would end up committing to something that could be mediocre because i find it difficult to stop watching.