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Posted by maternalbliss, Mon Feb-02-15 11:26 PM
There is no doubt in my mind that Gary Webb (1955-2004) was the last great American whistleblower. I gotta be honest, Webb really did not reveal any secret because there are no secrets. The CIA has been in the drug game since the sixties. They got Frank Lucas to be the nego front man when they brought all that herioin to Harlem back in the day. They ran the same ole game decades later with crack and a negro front man named Rick Ross.

Now don'tget me wrong i got much respect for Webb. He connected all the dots and proved the white house had been complicit in the drug game. Kill the messenger is a great tribute to him. Renner does a great job portaying Webb and the movie sticks close to the facts regarding his investigation.

Gary was discredited and his career was ruined and i really do not understand why he was murdered. As far as i am concerned there really was nothing left to report regarding the phony drug war. Kill the messenger is a great flick that everyone should check out.

Grade A

Webb in his own words,