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Topic subjectSTRETCH (dir: Carnahan)
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691217, STRETCH (dir: Carnahan)
Posted by araQual, Tue Jan-13-15 10:59 PM

i can't say enough about this film.
saw it about 6 or 7 times within the last few months of 2014.
the PTP post on the it got a massive TWO replies (mine and bwood's original post lol).
it's unbelievably entertaining.
has classic cameos galore.
was made for $5million.
the hilarity.
the surreality.
The Hoff.
The Jovi.
Roger fucking Karos.
Karl (with a 'K').
Alba playing a cute support role.
Kevin Bigley as FAUX HAWK.
crazy rich Los Angelinos with too much time, money and cocaine.
a nice mix of hilarious critique on LA/Hollywood and a quaint story about one guy relenting to his 'destiny'.
Chris Pine? absolutely OWNS this movie. became a lifelong fan after his performance (for which he apparently had to go uncredited as he wasn't paid much for it).
and Patrick Wilson carrying the whole thing in one of the coolest 'laid back everyday-kinda-guy swimming in a sea of heightened fakery' roles ive seen in a while.

the START of this movie is enough to reel you in. probly the funniest car accident i've ever seen outside of the intro to Punch-Drunk Love lol.

for some reason, most ppl i know of still havn't heard of this movie. not sure it ever saw a theatrical release. it certainly didn't get any play in Australia. sofar ive held about 3 or 4 'screenings' at my place for different groups of friends and they all walk away loving it and wondering why the fuck they never heard of it.