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Topic subjectYeah, i don't really agree
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690615, Yeah, i don't really agree
Posted by Mynoriti, Mon Dec-29-14 10:17 PM
but i it's a trip seeing everyone's reactions to this marathon. I will say that i'm happy to see so many people finally coming around on season 2.

i kind of went backwards on this. i wound up starting with season 2, and now i'm just finishing up season 1. i've kind of re fallen in love with S1. i mean, this might be a top 3 scene of the whole series https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7d0leuz-WrA

all the stuff you're "meh" about in S4 was was always compelling to me. the only things i didn't care much in S4 that everyone else seems to love are Kima (i'm not sure at what point her character just got annoying to me), and Donut, the cuddly car theif. I'll be surprised if any of this changes this time around