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Topic subjectyeah i didn't really get that either...
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688199, yeah i didn't really get that either...
Posted by gumz, Thu Nov-06-14 01:26 PM
>i was multi-tasking last night and didn't quite get why they
>stood up that doofus to go to jail.

only thing i could think of is that they need to let the cops that are on the take arrest a few of them from time to time so it's not obvious that they're letting them get away with everything. picking a guy who doesn't have a criminal record means he spends minimal time in jail and gets out, they basically pay him to do that while the real thugs stay free and keep running shit.

that's how I interpreted but it wasn't all that clear. Sometimes between the sound quality of the streams and the accents I have a hard time hearing certain things that are said.