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Topic subjectDeadpool test footage (2 minute video)
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682962, Deadpool test footage (2 minute video)
Posted by j0510, Tue Jul-29-14 10:47 PM
This needs to be made Right Now!


682969, ... nah, I'm good.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Jul-30-14 12:09 AM
I realize fourth wall is Deadpool's thing, but the pop culture references would be dated in a lightning quick manner, and I struggle to imagine there'd be anything resembling stakes or connection here-- just the mouth, not much of the merc.

Plus, a first-time director whose specialty is effects? Rarely works out well. Even more rarely when Reynolds is your lead.
683063, Thing is, Reynolds is pretty much perfect for Wade.
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Jul-30-14 11:31 PM
If there's a property that could resurrect his career, it's Deadpool.
682970, Is Deadpool this Jim Carrey-like?
Posted by SoulHonky, Wed Jul-30-14 01:29 AM
Don't know the comics very well but I assumed it would be darker. This seemed like a lot of corny jokes during a violent fight. But maybe that's who he is.

Also, instead of the silly banana/brown pants bit, I'd have preferred a fourth wall comment on stuff like the guy on the bike inexplicably stopping and shooting up the truck or not hitting anything. "Movie villains always make it so easy" or "How much you wanna bet he's gonna unload that clip and not hit me once?"

There could be an interesting send-up of comic book/action films here but this clip just seemed like a more violent version of The Mask.
682981, Holy cow,didnt think it was possible to be more annoyed by Ryan Reynolds
Posted by Ceej, Wed Jul-30-14 09:42 AM
682983, yeah, that would get annoying in five minutes.
Posted by CaptNish, Wed Jul-30-14 10:28 AM
682985, I enjoyed it, but I know Ryan Reynolds = Tank
Posted by Dae021, Wed Jul-30-14 11:03 AM
It was only 2 minutes so i'm assuming there's no way a 90 minute movie would be played out like this.

I'm sure they'll tone down the schtick.

I'm in the yay category.
682989, i liked it.
Posted by dula dibiasi, Wed Jul-30-14 11:27 AM
683059, I love the juice newton music choice
Posted by Mgmt, Wed Jul-30-14 10:31 PM
>This needs to be made Right Now!

And the action

Rest of it needs to be toned down
683069, Looks like a cutscene from the game from last year.
Posted by JFrost1117, Thu Jul-31-14 07:30 AM
Which was hella fun, actually. Don't think I could watch a whole movie of this, as the 4th wall breaking got old in the game.
683082, Reading Deadpool as a kid, I always thought he had a rough gravely voice
Posted by kevlar skully, Thu Jul-31-14 09:54 AM

it's my main problem with how I see him portrayed in video games/tv shows today, he doesn't sound like the character I imagined he would growing up & I think it would add more to his main bit of being the merc with a mouth if he sounds less like an exited dork, vocally and more like a tortured mutant in constant pain who has been experimented on

I don't like Reynolds but Deadpool can be a great character & the test footage looked pretty cool