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Posted by howisya, Tue Jun-17-14 11:30 AM
>There are usually four to six per year, and there
>are more movies of pretty much every other genre released

>It only *feels* like oversaturation because the reporting on
>them and other major franchises is FUCKING ENDLESS. And that
>does get super-irritating, and it does make them feel like a
>never-ending presence in our lives.

my point was that and that these films stick around at the cinema so pretty much at any time you can see one of these films, not to mention their being advertised to you for purchase/rental and oh so much licensing after. i am sure a lot of people also lump in other genre films like movies based on hasbro toys and monster and robot movies, fair or not. even though i actually go out, see, and enjoy these, i feel like a perpetual child doing so and look at it from the point of view of others who had more sophisticated and grownup choices at the box office in previous years (i realize that many of these comic book movies are sophisticated and grownup, which is a big part of the appeal, yet not everyone grasps that or cares). it's wild just how many superhero movies have been made in the last 14 years compared with before then, and i appreciate it to an extent because a lot of them have been really good, but maybe it is time to move on from them as a big box office presence, and if that means maxing out all of the franchises and trying all of the other superheroes until we're spent, so be it, and then years or decades later we can revisit. it was way too soon to reboot spiderman and batman, and yet here we are (i actually enjoy the ASM movies, but it's still weird). money is the motivator, and that could be why we do see hollywood do something like i am suggesting, which unfortunately and inevitably means a lot of duds that could have been good or great without the feeding frenzy mentality already in place now. sometimes you have to sacrifice something you love. i know, keep dreaming, kid, but i think more people are going to get tired of these movies even if there are only a few true superhero movies per year at the present pace.