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Topic subjecti tried that once, my first time (no virgin-o)
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682574, i tried that once, my first time (no virgin-o)
Posted by howisya, Mon Jul-21-14 08:18 PM
i know these topics usually say grade them, but i don't really like grading art, especially after one viewing (or listening, etc.). instead, i just put the ones i've seen up to that point in the month, in order, and allow people to respond to something in there if they want. i'm good at finding something, or a lot, to like in anything i take the time to watch (or, again, listen to, etc.), so *normally* there would not be much i would say i didn't like in these lists. last month was unusual in that i watched a bunch on hbo go just because i could, so i saw some disappointing ones:

Logan's Run (so dated)
The Bourne Legacy
Jack The Giant Slayer (annoying lead, and the whole movie just didn't click for me)
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (i was wondering if i'd seen this before, and nope, it was clear to see why)

i'm always up for cute animals, so Nature: Animal Odd Couples was great.

The Way, Way Back i don't think quite lived up to my expectations, but it was solid with good humor and heart.

Il Postino (The Postman) i'd been wanting to see for many years, and it was excellent. great acting, especially by the lead who pretty much gave the last bit of his life to the role, funny, heartwarming, and with beautiful women and scenery.

Attack The Gas Station 2 was so much fun, even more than the first. it had the exact kind of humor i love and that i feel is rare on screen, most often appearing in asian flicks. great action and just all around entertaining as well.

The Purge, which i forgot to list last month, was one of my favorites that i saw and far exceeded my expectations. it was simple but extremely effective and gripping. people saying the sequel is even better have me hyped to see it.

Killer Joe i'd been wanting to see for a long time, and it was great. there is a grit and edge/uneasiness to friedkin's films that i appreciate. check out his film bug some time. it's not as good, but it's weird, wild, and wonderful like this one.

Red 2 had so much more action than i expected. it was over the top but fun. i thought it would suck because i recalled it tanking at the box office, but i really had no issues with it. it didn't take itself too seriously, just delivered nonstop action (like, ridiculous levels of gunplay and car chases) and laughs.

Mom And Dad Save The World i think had the sample from "mercy" in it, not that "mercy" has the most complicated chord progression, but i think i heard the source of inspiration. with that out of the way, this was one of those silly movies i remember from the box at the video store. i don't think i'd ever seen it before. eventually i give in watch even if it takes 20+ years. this had redeeming qualities, but its obscurity and disastrous reputation are deserved.

The Story Of Us was a rewatch and even better the 2nd time. i connected with it emotionally more now than i did then. i feel like bruce willis as serious actor and rob reiner as director are a bit underrated.

Great Expectations (2011) was perhaps my favorite adaptation of one of my favorite books. i enjoyed its style and felt it did a fine job on the story. ray winstone is a terrific actor, and i think i somehow have even more of a crush on gillian anderson in these freaky roles like as miss havisham or as hannibal lecter's therapist than i did growing up watching x-files.

Waiting To Exhale was great to see the actresses in their prime, and it's another i'd just always wanted to see. i guess as an overall movie or story it was just ok, but for bringing back the '90s for a couple hours, i was well into it.

Original Gangstas was a lot of fun with the blaxploitation stars of yesteryear cleaning up "da 'hood." larry cohen directed hell up in harlem and black caesar so it was fun to see this angle of the genre. for what it was, i enjoyed it.

A Rage In Harlem was a total surprise because i was not at all familiar with it but gave it a try. it was fun and kind of outdid Life in some of the same themes. i was really happy with this one and pleased i gave it a try.

Flight Of The Conchords is really funny, and the music is as good as people say. i am actually up to the last episode of the first season.

Game Of Thrones i am enjoying, but the hype killed it for me. as good as it is, it can't live up to the buildup. i am only watching it because i am borrowing the blu-rays and have to return them. i feel guilty because (july spoiler) i started orphan black after finishing the season 1 finale of GOT and ended up watching the complete series so far of orphan black before resuming GOT because i enjoyed it so much more.