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Topic subjectRundskop aka Bullhead (2011)
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682050, Rundskop aka Bullhead (2011)
Posted by Rolo_Tomasi, Sat Jul-12-14 05:49 PM
The Belgian film which was nominated for Best Foreign Language film in 2011


If you are a cinephile, enjoy subtitled movies and feel like watching something challenging then give yourself a couple of hours to watch Bullhead. The film doesn't answer every question leaving some things to the viewers interpretation of events.

Matthias Schoenaerts a damaged soul stuck in a truculent body. Superb acting. He has the potential to be a huge star in Hollywood but I like the roles he is currently taking in independent cinema.

I hear Schoenaerts might be taking the lead role in the film version of Galveston (the novel) written by Nic Pozzolatto, the creator of True Detective.

MichaŽl R. Roskam the director showed great promise and the way this film was handled and some visuals flourishes anyone would like to call their own. I noticed a homage to Hitchcock's Vertigo towards the end.