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Topic subjectWatching Sopranos for the first time.
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680459, Watching Sopranos for the first time.
Posted by Mr. Wednesday, Tue Jun-10-14 04:22 PM
Nearing the end of the series, bout 6 episodes left.

Strikes me that this series is really a meta-commentary on TV/film tropes and history more than a story in its own right. Don't get me wrong, it's a great story (or a series of mostly great stories), but most episodes seem to reflect upon and respond to so much shit that's come before in the medium.

Maybe it's because I just watched the episode with the premiere of "Cleaver." Especially brilliant because it's filled with moments of characters questioning their legacies. Here's the show, nearing it's end, questioning its own legacy, and giving us "Cleaver" with Tony saying, "100 years from now, we'll all be dead and people will be watching this shit." Brilliant.