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670103, Archer - Season 5
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Jan-13-14 01:32 PM
The funniest show on TV returns tonight!
Where did we leave off... Lana pregnant and Isis vs. Sealab, right?
670144, lol other fat mike
Posted by walihorse, Mon Jan-13-14 10:13 PM
xtacles call back
670161, yes!!!
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Tue Jan-14-14 02:37 AM
670198, Great callback.
Posted by PlanetInfinite, Tue Jan-14-14 10:27 AM

i'm out.
670390, YES. lol
Posted by araQual, Wed Jan-15-14 09:59 PM
poor Fat Mikes, they keep gettn got in Reed's worlds.

670146, Archer Vice!
Posted by spenzalii, Mon Jan-13-14 10:35 PM
Let's see how this works. And where the hell did they get all that coke?
670147, This is a hilarious way to take a break from Isis
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Jan-13-14 10:37 PM
I can't wait to see how this all unfolds.
670154, The montage may be the best thing they ever did. Certainly top 5
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Jan-14-14 01:51 AM
670156, that montage was my everything.
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Tue Jan-14-14 02:18 AM
670159, Yeah. That was amazing.
Posted by SoulHonky, Tue Jan-14-14 02:24 AM
I'm hoping someone breaks it down because I'm sure there are a ton of references in there that flew over my head. Even still, it was hilarious. The interrogation scene was also pretty great too.
670199, That was more than a montage. That's a preview of the season.
Posted by PlanetInfinite, Tue Jan-14-14 10:28 AM
I can't wait.

i'm out.
670234, Yeah, I just saw that. And honestly I gotta say...
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Jan-14-14 12:55 PM
...that I think it would have been more awesome it wasn't the actual preview. Not that I don't like that the show is going in a new direction, but the idea of them creating a fake montage where Cheryl is a country singer is more hilarious than like nine more episodes with Cheryl as a country singer.

But I'm still hyped. I know they'll pull it off.
670155, Fantastic way to reboot
Posted by mrshow, Tue Jan-14-14 01:57 AM
Im way more excited for the season now.
670160, of course thats where she is when her water breaks.
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Tue Jan-14-14 02:25 AM
670190, whoa. good catch.
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Jan-14-14 09:01 AM
wouldn't've caught that one.
Posted by Marauder21, Tue Jan-14-14 09:35 AM
670206, That whole thread was so golden
Posted by magilla vanilla, Tue Jan-14-14 10:57 AM
670196, My stars, the big girl really was masturbating in the back of the van
Posted by ZooTown74, Tue Jan-14-14 10:07 AM
First-time watcher, enjoyed it

I'm lofty. Feel free to stay lost in your feelings.
670202, You've gotta watch the whole thing
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Jan-14-14 10:41 AM
Not in like a Game of Thrones way where the story line is all complicated and shit, but in the "goddamn this show is funny!" way.
Plus there's a whole bunch of running gags.


But if you were gonna just jump in some place, I guess the reboot is a good a place as you could choose.
670205, I'm jealous b/c now he gets to discover how awesome Pam is
Posted by magilla vanilla, Tue Jan-14-14 10:46 AM
But yes, co-sign- it's an incredible show all the way through.
670207, I need to see her get her skrimps on again
Posted by Ray_Snill, Tue Jan-14-14 11:06 AM
can't wait to see her back in the fight club

670213, Congratz, you've made an excellent choice
Posted by BigReg, Tue Jan-14-14 11:45 AM
If you've got some spare time I would try to catch up simply because it will help you get some of the later referenced jokes (and Archer's a VERY easy and quick show to watch).
670216, yes I was dying
Posted by RobOne4, Tue Jan-14-14 11:55 AM
but yeah netflix now. Get your binge on.
670233, It was great, but it's like the 15th most awesome thing Pam...
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Jan-14-14 12:52 PM
...does in the series. And that's not me seeing it wasn't funny, but me saying that Pam is one of the great animated characters of the '00s and that you really should watch the whole series.

NetFlix instant. It's all there. You can smash through it like its nothing.
670278, Pam might be one of the GOAT female characters in TV history
Posted by Marauder21, Tue Jan-14-14 03:47 PM
670279, Yeah, her and Lana. I was hedging up there because I thought...
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Jan-14-14 04:08 PM
...there was the potential to blow it off as hyperbole if I went there. But yeah, it's true.
670281, Naw fam, You can say it. Pam and Lana are amazing
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Tue Jan-14-14 05:06 PM
Skinny Pam is going to be a problem this season. I can't wait for the Bandit and the Tiger.

I mean Archer has a fucking TIGER!!
670369, They actually do an absurd amount of world-building
Posted by mrshow, Wed Jan-15-14 05:08 PM
The gay character Ray started as a throw-away gag but now he's one of my fav characters on the whole show.
670378, I caught that too.
Posted by Anfernee, Wed Jan-15-14 06:49 PM
I had to rewind to see if it was what I really saw.

Shit was so quick, but awesome.
670259, Pretty pedestrian up until the end
Posted by jigga, Tue Jan-14-14 02:23 PM
Looks like the rest of the season is set up for another win streak tho
670274, Holeee shit!
Posted by gmltheone, Tue Jan-14-14 03:20 PM
Cheryl/carol sploshing after getting tased was fantastic.

And them all rolling over on each other for immunity was pretty funny.

And yes, where did they get all that cocaine. LOL
Same as it ever was!
670301, Avclub has a great interview with Adam Reed explaining WTF happened
Posted by BigReg, Tue Jan-14-14 08:39 PM
Serious spoilers for the first ep, very minor spoilers for the future (they discuss a minor Pam visual gag you might have caught in the montage)

670341, i reflexively made a noise at this part
Posted by Selah, Wed Jan-15-14 12:18 PM
"I don’t know if they told you: We actually made a real country album to go along with this season. That was really fun to work on, and we got the actual real-life Kenny Loggins to sing on the album. He’s doing a duet of a country version of “Danger Zone” with Cherlene."

i must need have to want this. now.
670365, RE: Avclub has a great interview with Adam Reed explaining WTF happened
Posted by walihorse, Wed Jan-15-14 04:43 PM
Being Nicaraguan, I'm a little upset about this

AVC: Central American politics and coups being known for their rich comedy value.

AR: Hilarious.

But being an asshole, I think it would be hilarious
670314, Rebooted in a fashion that only Archer could pull off lol
Posted by LA2Philly, Wed Jan-15-14 12:53 AM
The montage/preview was incredible....Bunson Honeydew!!!!
670464, i dont know how i didnt know it was the same folks behind frisky dingo
Posted by LES, Thu Jan-16-14 01:13 PM
ok i'll start watching now
670534, ya, the xticles really bridges the gap too
Posted by GriftyMcgrift, Fri Jan-17-14 12:23 AM
670558, The hype machine is off the charts again.
Posted by wallysmith, Fri Jan-17-14 09:34 AM
Brett Bunsen, LOL
670764, Episode 2: A Kiss While Dying
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Jan-20-14 10:53 PM
the new air day and the holiday had me completely forget. About to catch the repeat in a few minutes.
670814, pam owned this.
Posted by themaddfapper, Tue Jan-21-14 01:17 PM
670825, "You knew what we need to pick up before we get on the plane?"
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Jan-21-14 03:32 PM

670832, YO!
Posted by themaddfapper, Tue Jan-21-14 04:13 PM
if i remember nothing from this episode, it's that. i was CRINE.
670823, Coked out Pam >>>>>>>
Posted by Origin05, Tue Jan-21-14 02:43 PM
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Wed Jan-22-14 12:17 AM
i was dying at that part.
670943, .....Como siempre
Posted by LA2Philly, Wed Jan-22-14 08:21 PM
That scene was gold
670942, The ultimate Pam episode
Posted by LA2Philly, Wed Jan-22-14 08:21 PM
Her running around and making noises in the background while Lana and Archer were talking to Ramon in his storefront had me dying.
671312, Episode 3: A Debt of Honor
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Jan-27-14 06:38 PM
Up for tonight
671332, Amber Nash (Pam's voice actress) live tweeting tonight.
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Jan-27-14 10:02 PM
671333, O.G. san!
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Jan-27-14 10:10 PM
671349, http://youtu.be/1ytCEuuW2_A
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Tue Jan-28-14 12:18 AM
671355, Chineezy
Posted by LA2Philly, Tue Jan-28-14 02:37 AM
It was Woodhouse's phone!

Even Lana started laughing lol, nice touch. Btw, there have been a number of references to previous characters this season, good thing I re-watched all seasons right before this one started.
671359, I've been wanting Conway to return for years now!
Posted by Hitokiri, Tue Jan-28-14 07:37 AM
that might've been the first episode I saw...
671367, You and Mallory both. n/m
Posted by Jayson Willyams, Tue Jan-28-14 10:33 AM
671376, Anytime we get Ron Cadillac it's a good episode
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Jan-28-14 12:06 PM
Because Ron Cadillac is freakin' EPIC!
671866, Episode 4: House Call
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Feb-03-14 07:58 PM
Up for tonight.
671874, skinny Pam and "fat" Lana
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Feb-03-14 10:09 PM
671880, one of the best episodes of the entire series.
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Mon Feb-03-14 11:40 PM
i was dying at almost everything they did in this episode.
671883, i loved the "do we not do 'phrasing' anymore" part
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Feb-03-14 11:59 PM
and then Cyril trying to use Archer's new gag.
671895, holy shit, yogurt is amazing, how have i never tried yogurt!?
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Tue Feb-04-14 02:55 AM
671912, Everybody converting shit into metric had me rolling
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Feb-04-14 11:46 AM
Archer not knowing any genres of porn, gonzo or otherwise, and everybody else knowing was hilarious too
671924, Damn near everything in the ep was comedic gold
Posted by LA2Philly, Tue Feb-04-14 01:42 PM
One of the best of the series thus far. Archer wondering about phrasing had me dying.
671944, Ron Cadillac killed it last night
Posted by mrshow, Tue Feb-04-14 07:42 PM
I hope he comes back.
671972, See Post #53
Posted by spenzalii, Wed Feb-05-14 11:32 AM
Because Ron Cadillac is still freakin' epic!
672015, Pam's Jammers
Posted by Anfernee, Thu Feb-06-14 03:39 AM
She should stay on coke.
671956, Episode 5 doesn't air until the 24th for some reason...
Posted by Hitokiri, Wed Feb-05-14 12:21 AM
anyone know why?
672113, Olympics.
Posted by PlanetInfinite, Fri Feb-07-14 11:08 AM

i'm out.
673287, Episode 5: Southbound and Down
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Feb-24-14 09:19 PM
The title alone has me excited for this one.
673315, a knee to the emotional nutsack
Posted by jigga, Tue Feb-25-14 11:04 AM
673327, Outlaw Country!
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Feb-25-14 01:31 PM
673543, The last frame still has me laughing
Posted by LA2Philly, Fri Feb-28-14 10:54 AM
Fucking Pam lol (*stares at ass*....uhh yeh, I guess that's a fair trade-off)
673765, Mallory suggested Lana get WIC. I thought I was gonna die.
Posted by themaddfapper, Tue Mar-04-14 12:25 AM
673768, K-Log, this episode was great. Oh, and Swipe
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Tue Mar-04-14 01:17 AM
EDIT: K-Log discusses his role on the episode


Rev up your engines! Archer is heading into the Danger Zone on Monday's episode.

When the gang decides to throw Lana (Aisha Tyler) a baby shower, Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) decides that he's going to get her the best gift imaginable: a private performance by Kenny Loggins, who makes a cameo in the episode - in cartoon form, of course.

"I'm a total badass in this episode and it's fun," Loggins told reporters on a conference call last week. "Archer's been referring to 'Danger Zone' for a quite a while ... So I think they just finally went, 'Well, we've gone so far with this joke, we have to take it all the way.'"

Is the Archer Season 5 reboot working?

And take it all the way they do. When Archer and Pam (Amber Nash) encounter the legendary singer (who's now going by "K-Log"), they discover he's more narcissistic and jaded than they would have hoped. "I laughed out loud," Loggins said of his reaction to his egotistical alter ego. "I thought, this is great. ... I was hoping that they'd take it out of the norm, and they sure did."

Though Loggins did all of his voice work for "Baby Shower" over the phone and never met any of the show's other cast members in person, he did have a hand in creating the animated representation of himself. "There were about four different versions of me as a cartoon that they had wanted to run by me to see which one I liked the best, and the one that they used is sort of a composite of three different versions of K-Log," he explains. "They wanted a '80s version, and every shell that they sent me was a variation of the '80s Kenny Loggins because they just felt that would be the most recognizable, and I have to agree."

Regarding the final drawing, Loggins adds: "I thought I looked a little bit like a terrorist. I kept saying, 'Can we push it a little bit more towards the way I actually looked?' And they said, 'Well, we think it is.' And I went, 'OK, well let's work with that then.'"

2014 Oscars: Top Moments

Loggins said he's been a huge fan of the FX cartoon for years, ever since his oldest son introduced him to it. ("I was surprised when they decided to go into the cocaine business," he says of the current season.) And it was his son who spearheaded Loggins' cameo in the first place.

"He's been writing letters to the Archer team at FX now for a couple years, saying, 'When are you going to put my dad on the show?'" Loggins said.

Monday's episode also features Loggins and "Cherlene" (the country singer alter ego of Cheryl) performing a country version of "Danger Zone" - the quality of which was surprising even to Loggins himself. "I didn't believe that they could turn 'Danger Zone' into a country song, which makes it even funnier," he says. "That's the last song of my repertoire that you'd expect to be turned into a country song." (Though Judy Greer voices Cheryl, singer Jessy Lynn Martens handles Cherlene's vocal work.)

The cover version is available on Cherlene's self-titled debut album, which was released on iTunes this week. But will Loggins fans ever get to hear the country rendition at one of his shows? "You never know," he teases. "Stranger things have happened. I could see me doing a duet with her. It'd be interesting to do an animated version of Cherlene singing her part and I would play the video and sing live with that."

Archer airs Mondays at 10/9c on FX.
673770, Episode 6: Baby Shower
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Tue Mar-04-14 02:00 AM
673772, holy shit zaps!
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Tue Mar-04-14 02:05 AM
this episode had me dying. when big old body guard comes through with the car seat and that "GOD DAMMIT" from ray comes immediately after. lost it.
673776, Best ep of the season IMO, one of the best of the series
Posted by LA2Philly, Tue Mar-04-14 03:42 AM
From start to finish, I was dying
673781, I feel like a lot of them have been that this season
Posted by Dae021, Tue Mar-04-14 09:38 AM
They have found the pit of rejuventation for this show, and its great
674302, Episode 7: Smuggler's Blues
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Mar-10-14 09:03 PM
up for tonight.
674509, Anyone buy Cherlene's album? Its on Itunes and Amazon
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Thu Mar-13-14 12:29 PM
Full Dangerzone: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJ2RmFcxoDs

674712, Episode 8: The Rules of Extraction
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Mar-17-14 09:02 PM
tonight. right now where I'm at.
674717, This is the GOAT Archer season.
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Mon Mar-17-14 11:56 PM
674720, how many times is this season gonna outdo itself?
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Tue Mar-18-14 01:45 AM
each consecutive episode has gotten more hilarious. the last 3/4 have been incredible.
674740, So we're not going to do phrasing anymore?
Posted by gmltheone, Tue Mar-18-14 11:52 AM
Same as it ever was!
674781, "...and fear is their bacon bits."
Posted by roaches, Tue Mar-18-14 09:38 PM
674792, Jungle, eat a dick.
Posted by mrhood75, Wed Mar-19-14 12:16 AM
The shit with the stick gun was hilarious. "Pew! Pew!"
674806, i love archer's encyclopedic croc knowledge
Posted by pdafunk, Wed Mar-19-14 09:28 AM
and his explanation to cyril as to why he knows so much is awesome.

the ray fakeout was pretty good, too.
674819, The Archer voice-mail subplot lmao
Posted by LA2Philly, Wed Mar-19-14 01:50 PM
674833, phrasing, and Ray...
Posted by dont believe the hypeman, Wed Mar-19-14 06:38 PM
pretending to be paralyzed again just to fuck with Archer was hilarious
674818, Lmao, just too damn good
Posted by LA2Philly, Wed Mar-19-14 01:49 PM
The raft sequence w Archer spitting off the croc knowledge and asking Cyril about what basin they are in....it's too good.
675070, Your balls are made of pussy
Posted by Innocent Criminal, Mon Mar-24-14 11:21 PM
Line of the night.
675071, that shit had me in TEARS!
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Mon Mar-24-14 11:57 PM
675075, Mah, they dun killed Rando!
Posted by LA2Philly, Tue Mar-25-14 01:27 AM
What a string of eps
676041, Episode 11: Palace Intrigue - Part II
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Apr-07-14 08:53 PM
Up for tonight.

Not sure if I saw part one though. Gotta check quick before this one comes on.
676320, Watched it last night. Ho boy....
Posted by spenzalii, Thu Apr-10-14 12:36 PM
Didn't watch Monday because of the game. Good lord this shit was hilarious. From the incessant slapping, to Cyril getting his Master P on to the dialogue between everyone...great episode. Even the relative loss of Kreiger couldn't stop this one from being a monster
676676, Episode 12: Fillibuster
Posted by Hitokiri, Mon Apr-14-14 06:54 PM
Even though the thread lost steam... up for tonight.
676696, god damn, this might be the best season of archer.
Posted by Mic_Specialist, Mon Apr-14-14 10:40 PM
i didnt really think that was something i could possibly say going into the season but i think this last episode just sealed it for me.
676758, daaaaaamn dog, that's inappropes
Posted by Ray_Snill, Tue Apr-15-14 03:55 PM

676843, took a minute to adjust but yalp, killer season
Posted by araQual, Wed Apr-16-14 10:17 PM
watchin ep12 tnite.

676872, So, about Krieger's launch code for the nerve gas missle:
Posted by mrhood75, Thu Apr-17-14 12:22 PM
Wow @ the person that figured this out.

676873, Just saw that. These guys just won at life forever
Posted by spenzalii, Thu Apr-17-14 12:36 PM
Cot damn that was awesome....
676902, FRISKY DINGO woulda worked too, but thats awesome
Posted by araQual, Thu Apr-17-14 11:26 PM
677178, Nothing for the season finale?
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Apr-22-14 10:31 AM
The episode was a bit uneven (either that or the highs were sooooo much higher than the just OK parts) but was still fantastic. Looks like ISIS may be back next season. The last 3 minutes though were pure gold. Especially the finger....
677227, Daaaamn dog.....that's the best season of Archer yet
Posted by LA2Philly, Wed Apr-23-14 11:49 AM
Nothing really to be said
677257, lol. kind of a sweet ending...sorta..but in Archer style
Posted by araQual, Thu Apr-24-14 05:41 AM
LOL @ Krieger implanting a STICKER into her brain. so glad he got added to the opening credits this season cos he's been KILLIN every scene he's in for a good long while now. good way to bring it back around to Isis for nxt season.

i may've missed the poast but...we all know that was Christian Slater right? as "Slater"? lol. playin opposite Gary Cole. the voice casting is so money on this show.