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Topic subjectDC's kids books have been in a shambles though
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665125, DC's kids books have been in a shambles though
Posted by lonesome_d, Wed Oct-30-13 09:58 AM
they canceled the B:TBATB TV show within a year of relaunching the ALL-NEW B:TBATB comic.

The first issue of Lil' Gotham (which was bad, holiday issues released in the middle of the summer? GTFOH, even if it was a webcomic they could have released a few stories first and then gotten to the holiday issues at the right time of year) had an ad for the 'new ongoing' Superman Family Adventures, which had already been canceled at 12 issues. There may have even been an ad for Tiny Titans or All-New B:TBATB in there as well. Internal clock WAAAAAAAYYY offf.