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Topic subjectAction shows are having a hard time finding an audience
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664714, Action shows are having a hard time finding an audience
Posted by hardware, Thu Oct-24-13 12:05 PM
i'd imagine its because that audience is more inclined to view things online on their own time.

Teen Titans GO! is a saturday morning cartoon
Beware the Batman is an after school, 5-6pm show, imo.

on top of that, it was really ugly looking. The translation to 3d from the 2d concepts sucked all of the style out of it and just ended up making everybody look weird and the poor, clunky animation didn't help. Nothing about the show was exciting at all.

i still stand by my opinion that it would have been dope in 2d. I don't think i've ever seen anything done in 2d and thought 'this would work better in 3d', but i've said the inverse numerous times. There was something to the show, i just feel like the execution fell short on so many levels.