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Topic subjectBeware the Batman officially thrown in the bushes (swipe)
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664627, Beware the Batman officially thrown in the bushes (swipe)
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Oct-23-13 03:15 PM
it takes effort to make a Batman cartoon that sucks this bad so i'm glad it got pulled. back to the fucking drawing board.


Is history repeating itself? Beware the Batman fans are getting nervous after Cartoon Network made the abrupt decision to pull the animated series from the schedule. Originally, a new episode was slated to air this coming Saturday, but not only is that not occuring, but they aren't airing a repeat of Beware the Batman - instead, two episodes of Teen Titans Go! will air in the DC Nation one-hour programming block. The @NickandMore Twitter account first noted the change.

We checked with Cartoon Network and were told, "Currently, Beware the Batman is no longer on our air. DC Nation will continue on Saturday mornings at 10/9c with new exclusive shorts and a full hour of encore episodes of Teen Titans Go!" For now, no explanation has been given for why Beware has been pulled, though it's likely that the ratings for the show are the cold, hard issue. Beware the Batman is not nearly as successful as Teen Titans Go! and is not performing as strongly as the previous Batman series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

It was a year ago this month that Cartoon Network abruptly pulled new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series from their schedule. While the shows would eventually air all the completed episodes, that was it for them, with both being cancelled.

So when will Beware the Batman return? The voice of Batman on the series, Anthony Ruivivar, tweeted that the series would return in January, however, that hasn't been confirmed by Cartoon Network as yet.

Beware the Batman has aired 11 of its 26 episode first season order, so there is still plenty more to see.
664628, Damn, I actually liked that show.
Posted by CaptNish, Wed Oct-23-13 03:17 PM
664630, it was awful
Posted by themaddfapper, Wed Oct-23-13 03:39 PM
i dunno what bruce timm is up to. he supposedly has something big on the horizon. hopefully it's a JL reboot, cause the DC Animated needs him back bad.
664633, They'll do it like they did Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated
Posted by b.Touch, Wed Oct-23-13 04:38 PM
and burn off the remaining episodes at odd times on the schedule.
664640, .....and JLU, the old Teen Titans, etc.
Posted by Staring At Insanity, Wed Oct-23-13 07:46 PM
There is a pattern that suggests they resent having DC based shows on their schedule. I remember JLU being pulled several times and then being dumped at a late night Saturday night spot with no warning.

Though that doesn't explain Scooby Doo.
664656, They resent having anything that doesn't help them beat Nick & Disney.
Posted by b.Touch, Wed Oct-23-13 11:08 PM
Cartoon Network basically gives prime viewing to shows that can crack 1.5 million viewers an episode, like "Regular Show" and "Adventure Time".

If they can't pull that, they get bounced. That _does_ explain "Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc." (show written over the heads of CN core audience, boys age 6-11, the lesser quality "What's New, Scooby-Doo?" gets better ratings).

And "JLU" (ditto).

And "Teen Titans" (possible ditto as well, considering what "Teen Titans GO!" looks and plays like now).
664716, i get saving your prime spots for money making
Posted by hardware, Thu Oct-24-13 12:07 PM
but i kinda feel like you can still optimize the lineup for shows that are objectively good.
or at least give notice that its moving.

but wait
CN isn't beating Nick?
664740, CN is a dead (and sometimes distant) third
Posted by b.Touch, Thu Oct-24-13 03:06 PM
behind Disney and Nick
664972, is that why they've been trying those live action shows?
Posted by Calico, Mon Oct-28-13 10:15 AM
...i.e. non cartoons
664974, Yep.
Posted by b.Touch, Mon Oct-28-13 10:25 AM
664693, Hilarious. Beware the Batman #1 drops today.
Posted by lonesome_d, Thu Oct-24-13 10:41 AM
664747, BtBM was last month's happy meal toys too
Posted by Tiger Woods, Thu Oct-24-13 04:24 PM
665125, DC's kids books have been in a shambles though
Posted by lonesome_d, Wed Oct-30-13 09:58 AM
they canceled the B:TBATB TV show within a year of relaunching the ALL-NEW B:TBATB comic.

The first issue of Lil' Gotham (which was bad, holiday issues released in the middle of the summer? GTFOH, even if it was a webcomic they could have released a few stories first and then gotten to the holiday issues at the right time of year) had an ad for the 'new ongoing' Superman Family Adventures, which had already been canceled at 12 issues. There may have even been an ad for Tiny Titans or All-New B:TBATB in there as well. Internal clock WAAAAAAAYYY offf.
665126, B:TBATB wasn't going to get past 65 episodes.
Posted by b.Touch, Wed Oct-30-13 10:20 AM
Most animated shows don't, unless they are phenomenally popular (65 episodes is the "magic number" for syndication - mostly to other territories at this point - so that you have enough episodes to run the show five days a week with four repeats a year).

That's why it was able to end so comfortably (with that great series finale).
665139, Looks to me like it made 65 exactly
Posted by lonesome_d, Wed Oct-30-13 10:52 AM
2 full seasons of 26, one half season of 13


not that that excuses them from announcing the show would be cancelled right as they launched the 'all-new' version of the comic.
665141, despite both being owned by WB
Posted by b.Touch, Wed Oct-30-13 11:00 AM
the left hand and right hand in this situation tend not to know what each other is doing
665144, For a while, they had 'Johnny DC' cranking out 3 decent-to-good
Posted by lonesome_d, Wed Oct-30-13 12:15 PM
titles monthly. (not even counting Scooby Doo.)

Then they appear to have shat the bed without even realizing it.
664700, Just remove the DC comic shows from Cartoon network and
Posted by ShinobiShaw, Thu Oct-24-13 11:33 AM
give it to a station that will give them a chance. I'm still miffed as hell about Young Justice getting canned.

PSN: ShinobiShaw

"Arm Leg Leg Arm How you doin?" (c)T510
664714, Action shows are having a hard time finding an audience
Posted by hardware, Thu Oct-24-13 12:05 PM
i'd imagine its because that audience is more inclined to view things online on their own time.

Teen Titans GO! is a saturday morning cartoon
Beware the Batman is an after school, 5-6pm show, imo.

on top of that, it was really ugly looking. The translation to 3d from the 2d concepts sucked all of the style out of it and just ended up making everybody look weird and the poor, clunky animation didn't help. Nothing about the show was exciting at all.

i still stand by my opinion that it would have been dope in 2d. I don't think i've ever seen anything done in 2d and thought 'this would work better in 3d', but i've said the inverse numerous times. There was something to the show, i just feel like the execution fell short on so many levels.

664739, How bout not taking off Thundercats and Young Justice, k?
Posted by Beamer6178, Thu Oct-24-13 02:55 PM
fucking idiots
665072, its not their fault people ain't watching
Posted by hardware, Tue Oct-29-13 12:02 PM
665080, there are a LOT of wack ass cartoons
Posted by Beamer6178, Tue Oct-29-13 02:03 PM
that CAN'T be doing that well and have been around far too long.

we're talking DC and Marvel, Thundercats too. Let that shit ride for a season or two, then syndication will holler.
665083, RE: there are a LOT of wack ass cartoons
Posted by CaptNish, Tue Oct-29-13 02:12 PM
>that CAN'T be doing that well and have been around far too

...and are cheap as fuck to make.

That's why they're around.
665089, basically
Posted by hardware, Tue Oct-29-13 04:28 PM
action shows are a lot more involved than comedy shows generally
665090, 1. you can't get decent syndiue money for a cartoon show
Posted by b.Touch, Tue Oct-29-13 04:42 PM
unless you have 65 episodes

2. "Decent syndie money", in 2013, is hard to come by and can't be relied upon as a means of making real money on a high-quality (read: high-cost) series.

3. If the show doesn't do well when it's on the air, it's not likely to do well in reruns or syndication (or, at least, they aren't going to be able to get good money for it). Just because the property is popular doesn't mean it's an easy sell.

4. What are the wack cartoons that have been on for far too long? (I hardly watch TV anymore - I just want names so I can try & pull numbers or industry info)
665124, RE: 1. you can't get decent syndiue money for a cartoon show
Posted by Beamer6178, Wed Oct-30-13 09:14 AM
>unless you have 65 episodes
>2. "Decent syndie money", in 2013, is hard to come by and
>can't be relied upon as a means of making real money on a
>high-quality (read: high-cost) series.
>3. If the show doesn't do well when it's on the air, it's not
>likely to do well in reruns or syndication (or, at least, they
>aren't going to be able to get good money for it). Just
>because the property is popular doesn't mean it's an easy
>4. What are the wack cartoons that have been on for far too
>long? (I hardly watch TV anymore - I just want names so I can
>try & pull numbers or industry info)

i honestly don't know the names of them, i just know stupid when i see it, and it's a lot of stupid. it's stuff that comes on after the good stuff on cartoon network, i never bother to watch. and phineas and ferb is cool, btw. they did a really good marvel special with the avengers.
665084, i just dont think kids these days like action cartoons in the same way.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Oct-29-13 02:16 PM
665088, these action shows are either phoned in
Posted by hardware, Tue Oct-29-13 04:25 PM
or too over the head

but i think kids now just want more jokes :/
665091, Most kids' action shows have always been phoned in.
Posted by b.Touch, Tue Oct-29-13 04:43 PM
Yes, even the stuff that's revered from "our" generation like "GI:Joe", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Thundercats", etc. The people behind them were mostly just trying to pick up a check, not make quality entertainment.

The WB stuff is really the start of quality action cartoons in American animation. Anime is obviously different.
665092, exactly
Posted by hardware, Tue Oct-29-13 04:51 PM
Thundercats was before my time tho. lol
665093, Kids these days have too many options
Posted by b.Touch, Tue Oct-29-13 05:04 PM
When most of us were kids, we had less options for cartoons, and most of those options were built around over the air stations that only showed cartoons in the weekday afternoons or on Saturday mornings.

Nickelodeon's original cartoons didn't start until 1990. Cartoon Network didn't start until 1992, and their original programming really didn't take off until 1996. Disney Channel was a premium service primarily interested in rebroadcasting archive materials and low-performing original series.

Nowadays? If your kid has a regular cable plan, Disney has like three channels, Nick has three, CN has two, plus there's The Hub and whatever other channels. Add to this video games and the Internet, and it's really, really hard for a kids' show to pull good numbers whatever the quality. It has to be hyped into a sensation; junior appointment television.

Plus - since the viewer numbers are spread out and advertising rates are therefore lower - the shows must move merchandise for their owners. "Thundercats" was cancelled because it didn't sell enough toys. So was "Young Justice". Sounds bizarre, but these are the reasons given.
677132, Remaining eps to air on Toonami
Posted by hardware, Mon Apr-21-14 07:40 PM
in the 3am timeslot


After being put on an extended hiatus last fall, Beware the Batman is returning to Cartoon Network. Beginning on Saturday May 10th, Beware the Batman will air on Adult Swimís Toonami block at 3am on Cartoon Network. Itís a disappointing time slot, but in the age of the DVR it may not be a big deal for too many fans.

Warner Bros. released the first half of Beware the Batman Season 1 on Blu-ray and DVD earlier this year. You may want to pick it up at Amazon and get caught up before the remaining episodes begin airing next month.
677155, 3 AM? My goodness
Posted by b.Touch, Mon Apr-21-14 11:49 PM