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Topic subjectStuart doing what he did wasn't "completely out of character"
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666558, Stuart doing what he did wasn't "completely out of character"
Posted by ZooTown74, Tue Nov-19-13 03:44 AM
Some may argue that it was "predictable," but it certainly wasn't out of character

He's been living with this person for a minute, has seen her struggles over the years, and also has seen her epically play herself in front of company in order to get noticed

He was also there when she got the NCIS role and celebrated that big win with her, so the empathy factor is there when he learns she lost the role

Not to mention he HAS to feel some kind of empathy after her douchebag of a boyfriend asks Stuart to lie to Jessica for him

Not to also mention that this deal was kinda setup last week when Stuart and Jessica, after once again being handed their respective epic Ls, danced with each other

The point being there's a lot that's been seen, and a lot that's assumed and unseen between these Stuart and Jessica that their moment at the very end of the season is more than well-earned and in no way inconsistent with anything that's come before it.

Gotta hear both sides