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Topic subjectHello Ladies
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664474, Hello Ladies
Posted by ZooTown74, Mon Oct-21-13 10:39 PM
Anyone else watching? I'm digging it, lots of cringe-worthy comedy to be had so far, along with a little heart

And BTW, the sense of desperation and longing, coupled with somewhat unreasonable expectations, is kinda real out here in La-La Land, which is another reason I like the show...

Only legit criticism to me would be that it's hard to buy that these folks are SO dumb as to do some of the things they do, Jessica especially, seeing as she's supposed to be a veteran struggling actress who should know better than to repeatedly play herself in the ways that she does...

Oh, and add another quality series of guest shots to Jenny Slate's resume, alongside her work in House of Lies and Parks & Rec...

Anyway, 4 episodes in and I'm sold. Your mileage may vary.

Gotta hear both sides