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Topic subjectI caught a screening... And, I gotta say, it isn't bad.
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673026, I caught a screening... And, I gotta say, it isn't bad.
Posted by phenompyrus, Fri Feb-21-14 08:33 AM
I expected to enjoy it, but not as much as I did. Imagine a more serious version of Fast & Furious. Yes, it has the cheese, but isn't that to be expected? The jokes are hit and miss, but... isn't that to be expected? That may sound like a cop-out, but it really wasn't as bad as your typical, cut-and-dry action piece.

Aaron Paul is a good leading man, and his supporting cast worked surprisingly well... Kid Cudi wasn't awful (!), Imogen Poots was a good female lead, Dominic Cooper did the carbon copy villain well, and Michael Keaton chewed up and spit out the role he filled. Even the dudes I didn't recognize were enjoyable. It helps that the races were all shot practically, something the Fast movies just don't seem to do. Apparently the actors did all (probably most at best) their own stunts too, which, if true, is even more impressive.