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Topic subjectThis shit is getting a last minute 3D conversion *swipe*
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671916, This shit is getting a last minute 3D conversion *swipe*
Posted by bwood, Tue Feb-04-14 12:29 PM
This never goes over well.


Well this is disheartening news. Scott WaughĎs Need for Speed, which looked like an entertaining, gritty, hardcore action film with an emphasis on practical stunts, is now getting a last-minute 3D post-conversion. For those unfamiliar with the film, it chronicles a cross-country race against time as a blue-collar mechanic (Aaron Paul) who was framed for manslaughter by a wealthy, arrogant ex-NASCAR driver (Dominic Cooper) sets out for revenge in a high-stakes underground racing tournament.

Yesterday, Box Office Mojo tweeted ĎNeed for Speedí will now be released in 3D. Itís unlikely the 3D post-conversion was always in the works since none of the marketing material, including this past Sundayís Super Bowl spot, said the movie would be in 3D (something ads always seem proud to proclaim as if thatís still an exciting selling point). Thereís no word if Waugh will be overseeing the conversion. Hit the jump for more. Need for Speed opens March 14th.

With the exception of Gravity, itís difficult to think of another film with a stellar 3D post-conversion. At best, itís unnecessary, and at worst, itís a migraine-inducing eye-sore. While the domestic demand for 3D has died down over the past couple of years, itís currently fueling international sales, so we have to keep putting up with it.

However, the studio obviously knows this, so why are we only learning about this five weeks before the movie opens? Clash of the Titans showed us what happens when you rush a conversion, and even if you make the argument that the technology and our ability to handle post-conversion 3D has advanced since then, I repeat: when was the last time you saw this handled well, especially so close to the release date?

The move for this late 3D post-conversion is disappointing, because the movie looked like it had potential. Now, it looks like the studio is trying to inflate the opening weekend box office because they know that the pictureís quality isnít enough to draw people into the theater.

Read more at http://collider.com/need-for-speed-3d-post-conversion/#hSC6MS2cCdVSGYu8.99