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Topic subjectIt's posts like these that make me wonder how I'm a functional adult...
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659938, It's posts like these that make me wonder how I'm a functional adult...
Posted by Jayson Willyams, Thu Sep-05-13 03:51 PM
>Lord, i hope not....i hate the whole recurring theme of "bobby
>doesn't really even know what he can do" though....he's Omega
>level, so i'd love if people were more scared of him

Well that's the thing...he's omega level because of what he CAN do, not because of what he does. Even Remender's X-Force run (Dark Archangel Saga) showed a version of Bobby that was far more interesting, just by virtue of figuring out new tricks. I know the whole "Bobby doesn't know how powerful he is" thing is fast approaching tired-meme territory, but until a writer actually DOES something with it...it's still true.

>um, the majority of people who have come to the school have
>been helped and had their powers develop.....they "teach" thru
>the battlefield, and i'm sure they have no accredidation....

Agree to disagree. Bobby's been there forever, and never learned anything new other than making himself look like jagged ice instead of frosty the snowman. Look at, say, Armor/Hisako. She projects this psionic energy armor. One time, when shit really hit the fan, she just made... a much bigger version of the armor. Basically, she's just projecting force. Why can't she use it almost like Green Lantern's light constructs, or Sue Storm's forcefields? Can she project them over anyone but herself? Maybe with some training. Rogue's been there 30 years and still can't fuck. Gambit still has to throw cards to fuck you up, and he's an energy manipulator of the highest order. He should be able to destroy worlds with his powerset. Galactus bringing you down? Fastball special Gambit onto his big purple nutsack and watch him make the universe's biggest fireworks show.

Speaking of Sue Storm, she should NOT be able to see when she's invisible. Ellis' Planetary dealt with this in his FF analogue, and she was totally blind when using her powers (how can light bounce off her retinas and allow her to see if she's invisible? I think that's the logic--English major speaking.)

ALSO--thinking of Armor, or Polaris/Magneto, or literally any super who projects force fields--why don't villains come through with fucking strobe light guns? You see that man floating in the sky in a purple bubble that bullets bounce off of? You do? Then that means light rays permeate his force field where bullets don't. Shine a fucking Maglite in his eyes until he's disoriented. If Magneto is floating up there in his invicbubble monologuing at you, guess what? Sound waves can pass through his bubble. Shoot him with some low-end, make him shit his pants. Think outside the box, people.

ALSO--Juggernaut's power is that he's unstoppable. Once he gets moving on solid ground, he can't be stopped. Okay. What if someone like Sue Storm or Magneto just enveloped him in a force bubble when he was in mid-air or something. Or float a chunk of turf up so that he's in your bubble, but standing on ground. Or make a fucking energy bra and slap it on his evil titties, and just hold it up in the air. Shit, you could just put a magic carpet underneath his feet and float him up in the air and he couldn't do shit about it. Can't get your unstoppable on if you're floating in midair. I'm not explaining this one well, but I inevitably end up picturing it when I'm laying in bed unable to sleep.

ALSO--and you can tell I think about Sue Storm a lot, not weird at all, whatever fuck you--she could be the world's greatest assassin. Facing some unfuckwithable horror monster like Fing Fan Foom or Terrax or something? just make a near-microscopic force bubble in his brain, and expand it to the size of a tennis ball. Villain brains = instant fucking potatoes.

It's all jokes, mostly, but I'm just saying I personally am very interested in characters exploring the pseudo-science behind their powers, and finding new ways to use them.

My favorite part of Alan Moore's MiracleMan is when he and wifey went out into an empty field and just fucked around with his powers, trying to figure out how they work (he's basically superman, if you're not familiar). At one point she had him throw a huge boulder a mile in the air and just let it land on his head. Now, even accepting that he's invulnerable, the boulder still should have driven him into the ground like a hammer driving a nail--MiracleMan is invincible, sure, but dirt isn't. Instead, it just burst over his head. They figured out that it's not that he can't be hurt because his skin, bones, and organs are strong--it's that he has this imperceptibly thin psionic field (man, that sure does seem to be the explanation for a lot of wonky comicbook science, doesn't it?) that covers his whole body, not letting anything through.