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Topic subjectRE: Oh man, I love a good "how powers should work" thread
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659931, RE: Oh man, I love a good "how powers should work" thread
Posted by Calico, Thu Sep-05-13 02:19 PM
>That's a damned good example, dude.
>Iceman is a classic reference-- when he uses his power, what
>is he doing but slowing down molecules? If he can slow them
>down, then it stands to reason that he could speed them
>up--suddenly he's Fireman whenever he needs to be.
Lord, i hope not....i hate the whole recurring theme of "bobby doesn't really even know what he can do" though....he's Omega level, so i'd love if people were more scared of him

>Speaking of which, I find it hard to believe that the
>Xavier/Jean Grey school still has its accreditation. When was
>the last time someone left that place with a better
>understanding of their powers than when they went in? You're
>supposedly teachers--teach, motherfuckers.
um, the majority of people who have come to the school have been helped and had their powers develop.....they "teach" thru the battlefield, and i'm sure they have no accredidation....

>Cyclops is thisclose to having the power of flight. All he
>needs is an adamantium umbrella and a kung-fu grip:
>Is anyone up on the whole "punches from the punch dimension"
>meme? I think it started on 4chan's /co/ board and trickled
>down to the rest of the internet. Basically, the thinking is
>that Cyclops' eyes are a portal to another dimension, a
>dimension that is utterly empty, a total void, EXCEPT for the
>massive amounts of pure punch-energy (science!) that fill
>every cubic nano-inch. When he opens his eye portals, that
>energy flows through and blasts whatever he's looking at.
>The whole reasoning is that if Cyclops was somehow generating
>his force beams within his head, his spinal cord would have
>turned to dust the first time he shot anything stronger than
>wicker patio furniture. If he shoots the side of a mountain,
>the basic laws of physics would require that his eye beams
>would force his head back at a frightening speed, unless he
>cut off the beam-flow (science!) before it reached its target.
>I know there's a better way to explain this, but I think you
>get it. Maybe.
>Anyway, this: