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Topic subjectOh man, I love a good "how powers should work" thread
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659885, Oh man, I love a good "how powers should work" thread
Posted by Jayson Willyams, Thu Sep-05-13 08:51 AM
That's a damned good example, dude.

Iceman is a classic reference-- when he uses his power, what is he doing but slowing down molecules? If he can slow them down, then it stands to reason that he could speed them up--suddenly he's Fireman whenever he needs to be.

Speaking of which, I find it hard to believe that the Xavier/Jean Grey school still has its accreditation. When was the last time someone left that place with a better understanding of their powers than when they went in? You're supposedly teachers--teach, motherfuckers.

Cyclops is thisclose to having the power of flight. All he needs is an adamantium umbrella and a kung-fu grip: http://i.stack.imgur.com/Rk59K.jpg

Is anyone up on the whole "punches from the punch dimension" meme? I think it started on 4chan's /co/ board and trickled down to the rest of the internet. Basically, the thinking is that Cyclops' eyes are a portal to another dimension, a dimension that is utterly empty, a total void, EXCEPT for the massive amounts of pure punch-energy (science!) that fill every cubic nano-inch. When he opens his eye portals, that energy flows through and blasts whatever he's looking at.

The whole reasoning is that if Cyclops was somehow generating his force beams within his head, his spinal cord would have turned to dust the first time he shot anything stronger than wicker patio furniture. If he shoots the side of a mountain, the basic laws of physics would require that his eye beams would force his head back at a frightening speed, unless he cut off the beam-flow (science!) before it reached its target. I know there's a better way to explain this, but I think you get it. Maybe.

Anyway, this: http://0-media-cdn.foolz.us/ffuuka/board/tg/image/1353/55/1353557289419.jpg