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Topic subjectJL: Flashpoint Paradox (DC Animated Movie)
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656009, JL: Flashpoint Paradox (DC Animated Movie)
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Jul-16-13 10:47 PM
I'm not familiar with the comic it's based off of but I thought it was pretty good. I dug the alternate world versions of the characters a lot. Especially Batman & WW.

It was more bloody than I expected, but that's a good thing.
656016, Good but I didn't like the character renderings. looked too different.
Posted by spawn2k, Wed Jul-17-13 12:41 AM
656086, i thought aquaman looked really weird.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Wed Jul-17-13 08:37 PM
i liked everybody elses designs though.
656148, Aquaman, real world Superman, and alt Cyborg all looked bad
Posted by CaptNish, Fri Jul-19-13 01:20 PM
...to me. WAY too bulked up.
657406, yeah they did look odd...Superman stood out initially
Posted by gumz, Mon Aug-05-13 10:14 AM
alternate world folks i chalked up to being alternate world

656149, This is easily one of the best ones they've done
Posted by CaptNish, Fri Jul-19-13 01:22 PM
I've been highly critical of the DCAU films in the past, but nitpick about character designs aside, I thought this was easily a top 2 release (I might even say their best, but I love NEW FRONTIER. At least I did when it was released. I should revisit it).
656483, niggas fightin cuz wonder woman had an affair with aquaman & killed
Posted by chi_soul, Tue Jul-23-13 03:21 PM
his wife when she found out. how the fuck am i supposed to show this to my nieces?! thanks dc

< i can't understand for the life of me why niggas always lookin at my shoulders? Get in the gym!

656489, That shit was WILD wasn't it!?
Posted by CaptNish, Tue Jul-23-13 03:48 PM
656504, that shit was hilarious. wonder woman's a homewrecker.
Posted by BrooklynWHAT, Tue Jul-23-13 08:18 PM
657390, TRUE.
Posted by Uatu The Watcher, Sun Aug-04-13 05:17 PM
656550, character designs took some getting used to
Posted by eldealo, Wed Jul-24-13 09:46 AM
but i really liked it. definitely a departure from the standard dc animated films. i definitely didn't expect half the shit that they pulled in this.
657393, i hated the story it was based on
Posted by Noodity, Sun Aug-04-13 05:57 PM
For what it did to aquaman and wonder man, made worse because it was the swan song for the entire dc universe

You can have alternate universe villains without going overboard without child killing for the evululz

And it was all over sex . That's some stupid fucking simplistic shit

Part of it was because wonder woman and aquaman are the most alien of the jla

But I have a feeling they would never have done that with barman or superman

Yes I know the injustice game

But they didn't have him killing kids

Thats what I have the most issues with
657401, This sounds so strangely interesting to me.
Posted by phenompyrus, Sun Aug-04-13 11:05 PM
657407, i really liked this...not what i was expecting at all
Posted by gumz, Mon Aug-05-13 10:15 AM
as mentioned above, some of the characters were drawn differently which took me a minute to get used to but overall it was another great movie.
657479, Hal's "feel my power, ASSHOLE" was so.awesome.
Posted by araQual, Tue Aug-06-13 12:59 AM
im paraphrasing but the inclusion of "asshole" in the mix was fist-pump worthy.

luvd the whole thing.
alt world Bats in particular i thought was OUTTA NOWHERE and awesomely realised. someone referred me to a comic series based on it which will be the first comics i'll be reading for the first time in yeearrrss. i mean The Joker reveal? cmon son.

the whole thing was gully from beginning to end.


657531, Easily the best animated movie I've ever seen.
Posted by MistaGoodBar, Tue Aug-06-13 03:37 PM
I thought nothing would top "DOOM"