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Topic subjectI stopped a couple eps into Season 2. Way more miss than hit IMO.
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655820, I stopped a couple eps into Season 2. Way more miss than hit IMO.
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Jul-15-13 11:33 AM
Nothing ever touched the high of those first couple of episodes. It just became annoying characters sitting around, waiting, bitching at one another, and making head-scratching decisions. So many moments where a character stands up and says exactly how they're feeling at length instead of letting us observe how they feel by their behavior. Occasionally a cool zombie moment, but they're rare compared to the bland-to-obnoxious human moments, which are plentiful each hour.

I've watched a couple of eps since, when people have told me, "great moments this week!" and the action is all competent and enjoyably gory, but the writing in between those scenes is still cringe-inducing for me.

I've been told it gets better a number of times by various people, but at this point, the amount of work I'd need to do to get there doesn't seem worth it. Not when there are so many better TV shows and movies out there I could watch instead.

I think even for most of the show's fans (could be wrong here) that it's one of those where now they feel they need to stick it out, just for those occasional great moments, but they realize it's gonna be trying between those moments. Not unlike Dexter is for some, or the last couple of seasons of The Office.