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Topic subjectHarry is the biggest problem. He gets in his own way.
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645396, Harry is the biggest problem. He gets in his own way.
Posted by bwood, Thu Mar-28-13 10:46 PM
He's such a studio fucking shill it's not even funny and his review comes off like a 25 year old fanboy wrote it. There's really no good analysis in the stuff he writes at all.

Add to the fact, that they only have two good writers left (Hercules and Quint)and there you go. The new dude they Billy the Kidd is one of the most angry people I've seen write about movies.

Go back and look at my Get the Gringo thread and read about the Q&A he "moderated".

My boy worked for the site under the name Irish Rican. He was working for them and then abruptly fired while on location for Comic-Con. He was to do an interview with Bill Paxton (a dream for him) and homie finds out through Bill Paxton's agent that he no loger works for the site. Mind you, he got a email from Harry, four hours later, that said he was gone. And it's over petty shit. My boy is friends with Troy Duffy and Harry hates Troy. Also, mind you that they had a little, and I mean little, disagreement over little shit and Harry held it against him.

This is what happens when someone, who is picked on and has no friends turns out to be. A literally red headed stepchild.