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Topic subjectThis is my take
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645386, This is my take
Posted by nipsey, Thu Mar-28-13 08:38 PM
The website has had the same format for over 10 years. There's too much competition now. When he was the only game in town, it didn't matter how amateurish the site looked or how bad the writing was. He was getting scoops and other inside info on movies and television shows. But now that there are hundreds of other sites doing the same, you've got to distinguish yourself somehow. Seems like he got cocky and sat on his laurels.

>Other people started doing the fanboy thing better AND
>getting more scoops. Harry got more access to Hollywood but
>then didn't seem to utilize it enough for the site. His
>writing was never that good and they never did anything to
>take the site to the next level.