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Topic subjectHuh?
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634888, Huh?
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Dec-19-12 12:42 PM
I meant parodied, not duplicated. I could go out and make a short mocking Malick's style right now. It's so distinctive and earnest that any cynic could do it.

- shot of tree
- shot of foot
- shot of woman bathed lovingly in light
- whispered narration: "He is watching."
- shot of hand
- shot of grass
- shot of lens flare from sunlight
- whispered narration: "As he watches..."
- spinning shot around woman
- whispered narration: "... we become the watched."
- shot of tree

I like Malick a lot, but it is what it is. Distinctive styles are easy to parody, earnest ones even more so.