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Topic subjectLet me get my hate out of the way: TERRIBLE title, lol.
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634882, Let me get my hate out of the way: TERRIBLE title, lol.
Posted by Frank Longo, Wed Dec-19-12 11:49 AM
That's pretty much the extent of my hate, since I thought The Tree of Life was about 5/6ths of a brilliant film.

Malick's style is intriguing to me, albeit admittedly easily parodied (shoot a pretty image here, whispered voiceover of trite cliches there, boom= Malick film!). It tends to hit me where I live, but I do wonder whether this same Tree of Life format, which all reports indicate it is, will work for something as intimate as love the same way that it worked for something as epic as Tree of Life. Will it work better or worse? Critics seem split. Brits seem to like it more than Americans.

I'll be there opening day regardless.

I do wanna shout out the Affleck joke-- forget where he told it, maybe at the THR Roundtable-- where he said he wasn't sure he had any lines anymore in this film, lol. Malick's style of shooting a ton and then cutting loads and loads of it out... again, intriguing to me.