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625046, RE: please try?
Posted by Y2Flound, Mon Sep-10-12 12:59 PM
Ok so there are basically 3 parts to Bunny Bunny and you introduce them 1 at a time with new players.

First everyone circles up and one person starts by doing air quotes with their hands (bunny ears for this game probably, never had it explained)

They say "Bunny Bunny" pointing the fingers at themselves, then "Bunny Bunny" pointing the air quotes at someone else and making eye contact. That person then repeats: "Bunny Bunny" to themselves, "Bunny Bunny" to someone else...there is a rhythm to the way you say it which becomes real important as each step gets introduced and why it's hard to explain online, each step gets harder to not see in person.

So after you do that and everyone has that simple step down the 2nd step is when the person has the energy or the Bunny Bunny, the people on both side of them do a little dance next to them and say "Tiki Taki Tiki Taki" Basically same rhythm as the bunny bunny.

After that you stop the game and add the 3rd step, everyone who is not saying Bunny Bunny or Tiki Taki is drumming a slow rhythm on their thighs and chanting "Zumba Zumba Zumba Zumba" on the same rhythm.

You get all 3 going and the game speeds up pretty much based on the 3rd part and how fast people start drumming and chanting, people all trying to yell their parts in as the speed gets higher and higher gets fun.

Like I said, a lot lost in a text translation but it's a pretty common game played at most improv theaters as a warmup, you may have seen it with a different name.
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