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Topic subjectWhat are your favorite warm-ups?
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624583, What are your favorite warm-ups?
Posted by Big Chief Rumbletummy, Mon Sep-03-12 11:27 AM

I like the ones that focus on getting us thinking together and, personally because I love character work, the ones that focus on identifying a character and pattern. A few I ran before last show were:

Crazy 8s (just a physical shake each hand/foot together eight times while making eye contact around the circle. Gets my nerves out. I do this by myself while waiting to be called on stage haha.

John the Loquacious Gardener - a game in which you go around the circle, the first 3 people supply one of the following: Name, adjective, occupation. Then the 4th person acts out, in a couple lines, that character's game.

Beastie Rap - "I met a girl by the name of ______" first person throws out a line with a name. Each successive person throws out a line descriptive enough that we all say the word at the end (that of course rhymes with original name). Good at getting everyone vocal, describing what you're going for, and getting that hive mind working.