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Topic subjectit was fun (spoilers)
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627083, it was fun (spoilers)
Posted by RobOne4, Sun Oct-07-12 12:45 AM
not nearly as good as the first. But just so many stupid moments that had me like come one son.

1. daughter cant pass a driving test but can drive a manual through them streets like that?
2. daughter finding them so easily.
3. leaving the wife to go get daughter. He couldn't at least move her once he killed everybody.
4. You want me to believe this untrained rag tag group of thugs even find him to begin with?
5. This dude keeps talking bout his dead son and he will pay while he is trafficking girls for the sex market.
6. driving through the barricade at the embassy and surviving all them bullets.
7. the final showdown was a let down like a mug. Sorry dont believe that 5'5" mofo is going to give Liam a run for his money like that. Especially after he just ran through dude's whole crew.

fuck it though it was fun enough. I didn't have super high expectations after I found out he was the one taken this time. Once I found that out a few nights ago I figured the plot out easily.