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Topic subjectThe Drive references had me howling.
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626987, The Drive references had me howling.
Posted by Frank Longo, Fri Oct-05-12 01:37 PM
MY FULL REVIEW HERE: http://www.examiner.com/review/taken-2-neeson-can-save-his-wife-and-daughter-but-not-this-script

Unfortunately, the rest of the film not so much. The dialogue is pretty brutal, and the lack of an R rating REALLY hurts the film's impact.

I was watching the bad guy wishing to God they'd put Mandy Patinkin in that role instead.

It's okay-- it's diverting, I suppose. Nothing awful, outside of the dialogue.

*** MILD SPOILER *** My theater groaned when he was preparing to leave his wife for the third time in the film. "Wait here! I'll be right back!" *rolls eyes* *** MILD SPOILER OVER ***

But yeah. I mean, coulda been worse... but shoulda been better.