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Topic subjectKinda agree with you.
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552581, Kinda agree with you.
Posted by denny, Mon Jan-31-11 12:07 AM
It's clear that the movie tries to present him as courageous and that didn't hold up well for me.

He's royalty. All he's gotta do is stay out of trouble and he's fine. And I couldn't help but reflect on the legitamacy of the 'tension' in the final scene. He has to read a brief speech written by someone else.

Kinda seems ridiculous doesn't it. I mean....what if he DID start stuttering a bit. Would the entire British empire have surrendered to the Germans?

Good movie though. It's just the 'struggle' and 'courage' seem a little silly from a certain perspective I kept returning to. Also....I chuckled a bit when he cried about his nanny pinching him and not feeding him. Really? My sympathies were not engaged.