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Topic subjectthis will sound like an exageration, but its not
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550927, this will sound like an exageration, but its not
Posted by astralblak, Sun Jan-23-11 01:29 AM
This movie shits on the competition in many categories and if it loses any awards to that Silly Ass Social Mehwork I will punch niggaz in the face just for living

I thought this was gunna be one of those grandiose bourgeois cinematic exercises that panders to Eurocentric ideas of philosophy and art to old critics, but damn was I wrong. Firth was a revelation. I hung on his every word, stutter, pause and mannerism. Rush was an exceptional compliment and HBC showed she ain't just good a playing the weird crazy bitch. The framing of shots, the color schemes, the wardrobe, and THE DIALOGUE had me stuck. People need to see this movie.

I'll stop being all dramatic now.