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551846, really?
Posted by okaycomputer, Thu Jan-27-11 10:37 AM
>I understand that it was supposed to be dated to fit that
>time period and pre-fall Aron was a carefree dude but I
>thought it set up a really silly/cheesy tone for the film
>which didn't really work for me.

Are you just talking about the opening credits? That I'd understand.

Otherwise I think the music is one of the highlights of the film.

When Franco said something like "Let's Go!" and then Lovely Day kicked in I was in heaven. I thought that completely worked. It still sticks in my mind when I hear that song.

Also, the final trek out of the desert with the Sigur Ross song playing was perfection. The best music moment in movies this year as far as I'm concerned.

A.R. Rahman's score was my second favorite of the year behind The Social Network's. I think it was responsible for a lot of the film's momentum.